Tons of Knife grip stuff

Often times this is the type of material you would only get in seminars. I hope you like it 🙂

9 thoughts on “Tons of Knife grip stuff

  1. wmpyr says:

    @mlk0506938965 hey thanks man, your too kind! if this material helps soldiers and police officers get home safely, and civilians to protect themselves and loved ones then it has served its purpose, take care, train for life!

  2. WeSleYc16 says:

    @wmpyr cool bro! just got my coldsteel knife and practicing at home. Im interested in mostly reverse grip techniques because of the ability to parry. Looking forward to parrying videos!!

  3. wmpyr says:

    @WeSleYc16 thanx for watching! knife combat styles are difficult to find, your probably gonna have to study online. any style would help you. the easiest to find are probably any of the Filipino stick fighting styles like escrima, kali, and arnis, by studying the stick, it helps you transition to the knife.

  4. WeSleYc16 says:

    hey thanks a lot for the vid! im an experienced boxer going into knife fighting and i was wondering on how to switch the grip safely so THANKS! hope for more posts dude. And i was wondering which knife fighting martial art u suppose is the best to start with?

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