Tonfa & Police Baton presents TONFA WITH ALAIN FORMAGGIO You’ll see in this DVD various ways of defense with a tonfa against most spread aggressions: grips, feet-fist, knife, blackjack,…

23 thoughts on “Tonfa & Police Baton

  1. HoennDPN says:

    @everyoneWhoHatesTonfas tonfas are type of baton and can be used in many ways you probably know this if you have used them like I have E.G shield, block, disarming weapon, trip or jab, the sky is the limit. The modern name for a Tonfa or tong fa is a side handle baton. You can apply a choke hold easily with them and can be used to block weapons like baseball bats or possible knives without injuring the user.
    They are traditionally used in pairs but can be used with one Tonfa in one hand and can be used with martial arts to defeat a opponent

  2. americandevil says:

    The primary use of a police baton, is to beat wage slaves into the dirt, and continue to beat them as long as they writhe in pain from the full force strikes to the face, body and extremities. All the officer needs to do to justify the continuation of the psychotic torture, is to keep yelling, "Stop resisting! Put down your arms! Lay down flat!". Enjoy!

  3. Evan Shoemaker says:

    @shadownoob83 Maybe more versatile, but it's hard to imagine a police officer carrying a sword rather than a nightstick… maybe we should petition our local sheriff's offices.

  4. KralleCR says:

    @SinJackal tonfas can work well irl, it just depends whether or not you take the time to learn them (just like any weapon). they are very offensive though, so they arent as safe as a sword for example, which gives you some range so you can be out of their range but inside yours. Tonfas make you get into striking range to attack. However, if your going tonfas vs striking range, like you see in most of these clips, theyre very effective. even if someone uses a bat, tonfas are still effective

  5. SinJackal says:

    @AaronNReece If you're holding it by the handle, then yes, because you aren't getting as much leverage as you would if you held a weapon at it's bottom. Same as when you choke up on a bat, you don't hit a baseball as far as if you didn't. expandable batons are far more damaging because of the weighted end. Expandable batons are banned for use by police in many cities, but there are no state bans on them.

  6. SinJackal says:

    @vbalanar real life fighting never looks as crisp and technical as pre-arranged martial arts fighting vids you see on videos. I agree though, that some of the bits here could have been done much better. . .but don't think tonfa work great irl just because they look cool on vids. They don't.

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