Tom Hill’s Karate Dojo; Knife threat; mugging from behind

Mike Saunders, Ian Freelove and Alan Keegan act as attackers from behind. Tom shows various possibilities for defending against a rear knife threat. Tom Hill is …

4 thoughts on “Tom Hill’s Karate Dojo; Knife threat; mugging from behind


    @userfromwb I suggest you try it our way. It's harder if the opponent trys to grip your clothing but still achievable if done quick. We try it at full strength and it works, little point otherwise. Your web page example would be very prone to a cut wrist (pic 3) and suffers other serious stab issues. Like all techniques our example needs practice, some skill and commitment and a degree of superior strength but that is the point of training. Thanks for your interest. regards tom.


    @userfromwb Hi – not entirely sure what you mean. 'Knife in other hand' same technique works either way, 'free hand' around neck' was covered earlier in the video. There are endless combinations of possibilities thats what makes it interesting. I only cover about 6 to 10 possibilities in the videos here, but we did a 2 hour session on it and I only covered a fraction of the threats possible. A free knife hand is the most difficult problem in my view. suggest you read my description on the video.


    @userfromwb – I use a different technique for the treat you are describing. This video is specific to the senario shown. Each threat needs a different and appropriate response. No single knife defence will work in a variety of knife threat situations. I have six or seven videos on this channel on various threats but there are hundreds of various responses and techniques and many alternatives to what I have shown.

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