Tom Hill’s Karate Dojo; Knife at throat defense with full mounted attacker

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14 thoughts on “Tom Hill’s Karate Dojo; Knife at throat defense with full mounted attacker

  1. Dolan says:

    Let's see that in fullspeed when the attacker and the victim both are under the full influence of adrenaline. 1:00, "WAM, you could brake his neck". Why the hell would you wanna do that? Once you got the knife just fucking run! You don't havto MURDER him once hes disarmed..

  2. Mat Broomfield says:

    Of course, each situation has to be evaluated on its own merits, and if the defender believes that they are about to be cut, then even a bad defence (not calling this one) would be better than no defence. However, I agree with the general principle that "stabbers aren't showers and showers aren't stabbers". If the objective was to kill, by this stage, the victim would be dying.

    I'll try this tomorrow in class and see if there's a dynamic that I'm not fully appreciating.


    We will have to disagree then. The knife does not slash her throat. The attack may be a complience situation an assault or rape, or perhaps just about to slash her throat, thats the possible and likely situation. Dead has no comeback, but fight is better than rape or death. You cannot negotiate with a cut throat nor should you have to, in an assault or rape. I will assume your option is to talk them down then? We will stick to a risky defense and talk later, if able.

  4. Mat Broomfield says:

    I'll have to disagree with you here Tom. It's clear that the defence as shown in kate's case literally draws the blade across her own throat – the absolute antithesis of what she's trying to accomplish. She has not controlled the blade – she has assisted it.
    You ask "what is her alternative – give up?" Well you have to analyse why she's in this situation. If he wanted her dead, she'd already be dead, so perhaps compliance and negotiation IS a safer option?

  5. Mat Broomfield says:

    I was agreeing with you. I know that bucking or bridging often throws the attacker onto your face, which is the last thing you want when they have a knife to your throat. I recognise that in this case, a diagnol or side bridge and roll is far safer than regular bridge. Also, because you have trapped with the foot (presumably) they have no mean to extend their base as they roll.


    Suggest you try this with a good firm grip on elbow or wrist as shown, it is not easy for the attacker to cut if executed properly as shown. If you do not roll with them how are you suggesting gaining the advantage?


    Having shown the elbow move previously, the wrist grab is also feasable, Shelly is much bigger & heavier than Kate, the length of her elbow compared to his, does not allow her as much leverage or down force. At least the wrist grab is an alternative and works as shown. I always explain that knife threats are difficult and deadly but whats the alternative – give up? Against experienced attackers nothing much works, I have students who you cannot shift from full mount due to thier bridging skills.

  8. Mat Broomfield says:

    Really like the first knife release (and the change of camera angle so that we could see the detail – thank you). I'm always looking for knife defences, and it's the thing that I'm most uncomfortable teaching. I'm very much aware that teaching a bad knife defence is worse than teaching no knife defence. Thought that the one with Kate where she actually draws the knife across here own throat was less sensible. Why did you advise her to grab the wrist and not the elbow?


    @JKMannsr Hi Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately with the option of 'unbalance and throwing over your head'; is that many of my students are ex wrestling and Ju Jitsu. So many do a leg wrap or bridge so this will not allow an 'over the head' escape movement. The students here are not doing that particular move so your option could possibly work. However, whenever I have tried that move the opponent usually lands on my face. It also is restrictive for counter moves. Regards Tom

  10. JKMannsr says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. You're missing a part of the technique, though – hence the difficulty your student has effecting the roll. The first movement must unbalance the person in the mount by taking them straight over your head, then you can roll. If you try to roll to the side without that, it won't work.

    Happy training!

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