TKT: Karambits the Superior Fighting Knife?

Tactical Knife Talk Maps of Indonesia in relation to the Philipinnes and history also, both show that the “Karambit” was traditionally based on an Arab knife called …

50 thoughts on “TKT: Karambits the Superior Fighting Knife?

  1. Jordan Burkhead says:

    It's not a debate go up against an expert Bowie fighter with a Karambit and your getting slaughtered like a pig Karambits are good for stealth and yes some experts may be able to come out a winner sometimes but why bring a Pistol to a rifle fight same kinda argument you lose reach and versatility

  2. Joe Cannabyte says:

    I carry a fox 479 emerson karambit and a ka-bar usmc short. to me it's all about getting first blood, i think the karambit actually works best in FORWARD GRIP, though reverse grip if you use a boxing style (like Emerson Boxing) or a Warrencliff blade American Arwology designed by Casper/Crawford, (I also carry a CRKT Dragon which is another fang/claw like blade like a karambit). Drawing both, though i prefer not to dual wield, but i can draw both almost instantly and then i got a pair of nasty animal fangs that are razor sharp.

    Karambit vs Warrencliff…really doesn't matter…same with parang or tanto or kukri…that said I PREFER the Karambit and P'kal style blades with Warrencliff and Daggers then Ka-Bar USMC short and tanto (specifically) as the runner-ups

  3. Alexander Marek says:

    A Jambiya is Kurdish… Not Indonesian 🙂 The Kurds lived in Turkey and the Jambiya was a symbol of status; it was not so much a weapon. The karambit is of Indonesian origin, evolving from a farm tool. To compare, a Jambiya was never a combat weapon- it was the "Porsche of their day", trimmed with Jewels, Gold and more. A Karambit was a farm tool that also found application in killing people later on. Sorry, your comment just set me on a little rant… Lol

  4. NothingSpecial63 says:

    i like your breakdown of the pros and cons of the karambit but when you were talking about the reverse grip and why you don't prefer it (not judging your preference) you failed to announce several positives of holding a karambit in the reverse grip like extensions for example or that the reverse grip is a more efficient way to control limbs and preform joint locks. Again im not judgeing your preference just wanted to state that you did miss some key advantages to the other grip style.

  5. Universal Martial Arts Center says:

    As a boxer, mma fighter, and fencer. A knife without the ability to stab seems pretty lacking to me.
    No doubt the Karambit can slice better than a more traditional knife design. But then I lose my ability to lightning jab at the eyes and throat and stomach and move in and out quickly.
    With a Karambit I'm more forced to stay in the pocket which most fighters don't like because it's chaotic. And I also loose a lot of utility that comes along with a regular shaped knife.
    That particular Karambit isn't that big to begin with and the Karambit design is not meant to maximize reach. Just my thoughts. If your fighting style suits you better with the Karambit then by all means use it.

  6. Michael Carstenz says:

    Karambit is actually from Indonesia.. originated there.. it belongs to the Silat martial arts.. it was built for the silat martial arts.. if you learn silat you will find why it's deadly.. and actually Karambit is not that big, and it's a double edge knife originally. Search "Karambit Minangkabau" if you really want to see how the original karambit looks like..

  7. JakeTheRipper 73 says:

    I never understood the Karambits with notches in them in them and shit. I mean it looks cool, but in a CQC situation I see that being more of a problem than anything. I see it snagging on clothing and whatnot and causing problems that can cost you your life.

  8. rama rizki says:

    what the fuck karambit is originally from Indonesia,than it spread to another close country, not Filipino!!! just because in map its close you can not say its from Filipino
    Please be more respect to the original creator

  9. Olympic Outdoors Dad says:

    I think these knives have a lot of potential, but the average Joe would probably be better off with a traditional folding knife. yes there badass knives, if you practice a lot with them and understand the advantages they potentially have, then o ya there deadly. For my lack of training I'll stick with my spyderco para mil. an I'll bet I have a fighting chance against another semi skilled person wielding a karambit, although I generally feel the folding knife would shine best ambushing or surprising the bad guy as a last resort, pulling out a folder in a street fight, even if you are simply defending yourself is probably not a good idea.

  10. George Pruitt says:

    Traditionally in Silat the karambit is held in reverse ( Edge below the knife edge of the hand). It was not used much ( though it can) with the blade up by the thumb. If you want to understand the Indonesian/Filipino concept of karambit usage look for Maul Maurie's videos on you tube or funker tactical you will see that a Karambit is a control blade. very few of your points are actually valid because you haven't been trained in the subtleties of use of the Karambit , just my 3 cents. I did enjoy your video!

  11. Silver Flute says:

    good video..
    Btw, Kerambit comes from Indonesia, not Philippines or Malaysia as people widely mistake. It comes from Sumatera and spread to Java, Malaysia (Malaka), then to Philippines..

  12. Master Shannon says:

    Your "preferred" fighting knife is all to do with your personal psychology.
    Some prefer push knives because they like linear moves and to get in close and stab. Some prefer scimitar because they like to slashing and curving moves, and some like curvilinear moves associated the Karambit.
    Your need to allow your body to express the knife, it must become an extension of your mind.

  13. BennyCFD says:

    Oh give me a break. 99.9999999% of people who buy these knives have absolutely no idea of how to use them and just buy them because they're cool. If they ever pulled one they would be dead or seriously injured. This is the kind of stuff stupid lil YouTube rambo wannabes would waste their money on.

  14. christian taylor says:

    I couldnt watch more then 5 mins of this vid as ur talking such shit!!! whoever u train with id demand my money back. the karambit is an iviseration and dismemberment wepon, like all indonesion wepons there designed to be FELT and NOT SEEN. not only are you advising using the wepon upsidedown but you have no idea of blade mechanics. iv taught unarmed and blade skills for 13 years and trained for far longer then that with world class masters ray donialdo or cass magda and others. Pull your head out ur arse trying to advise about a wepon you very obviously know nothing about!!! The karambit is my favorite wepon of all time, and btw it was NEVER a farming tool, and the best karambets have blades as small as the first 2 joints of your little finger.

  15. Michael C. says:

    Its a very cool looking knife.  But if you use that thing on someone you are looking at jail time, period.  On most days, carry a regular, normal folding knife, 2-3 inch blade.  If your are going into a situation where you feel you need a weapon, a small or mid size fixed blade is the way to go; and that's only if you feel comfortable with a knife.  I personally would carry the folder, and that's only as a last ditch backup to an expandable baton or tactical pen…the guns stay at home for intruders.

  16. Bam Handoko says:

    The idea making kerambit was from tiger claw when people in west sumatra still easily found sumatra tiger .. hundred years ago..not jambia at all… even people of sumatra never went to yemen at that time..

  17. Matty Exile says:

    As a kali instructor, I can positively state that the karambit is a tool that is very dangerous in the hands of a skilled user. As with any tool/weapon, its wise to at least learn the proper way to hold it. The ring is for your index finger to be used as impact/control point, allows for flail extending, and also ensures retention. You should look into Marcaida or Dionaldo to realize the blades applications and actual potential.

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