TIPS on removing cracked tempered glass screen protector THEN replacing it (invisible shield liquid)



If you’ve got a tempered glass protector on your phone but now it’s broken, this video shows how to safely remove the old broken tempered glass screen …

16 thoughts on “TIPS on removing cracked tempered glass screen protector THEN replacing it (invisible shield liquid)

  1. lilgreenelf42 says:

    You shouldn't use an Xacto knife to remove that because there's always the risk your hand will slip and you will gouge the screen. I've found a toothpick works great and you don't risk scratching your screen. Also, if you don't have access to a hair dryer to heat up the screen for a few seconds, place the phone face down in the palm of your hand and press down with your free hand just enough so that the entire screen comes into contact with your hand. Hold it like that for about 30 seconds and you should have no trouble starting the removal of the old tempered glass. I highly recommend starting at the opposite end to begin removal if your protector is cracked. Go slowly and slide the toothpick with gentle pressure. You'll see it begin to let go. Don't rush it and you'll be able to cleanly remove it. Don't panic if it starts to crack more. Just continue with slow, steady pressure. Once it starts coming off, you can grasp it between your thumb and forefinger and tug gently and watch it let go of the screen. The tempered glass is stuck to something like a laminate film that will help hold the shattered pieces together.

  2. Tina Holden says:

    I was being careful with the x-acto, but no matter how careful, one wrong twist of the wrist puts a scratch where there was none before…much safer to use a fingernail!!!

  3. Ann inGG says:

    Would never put another glass screen protector on my phone again once I get the one off they're not really made to fit it's really hard to put on and when they crack I have large cracks all over my phone screen it's stupid yeah I might have protected my phone but I've been looking through cracks and broken edges for over a year? It's very irritating and looks gross and you can't get the protector off when it's got cracks on it and the edges are all broken and it doesn't fit my phone properly and I paid a lot of money for it so that it did fit the screen I think it's a big hype. I'm going to go back to do what I did with my other phone I just have a case that's completely enclosed so the phone never hits the ground if I drop it and I have a wrist strap so it never hits the ground anyway. I didn't buy that type of case for my new phone because I bought a shoulder bag that fits my phone and the case wouldn't fit inside but now I'm going back to my old way of using the phone I better protect in case that covers everything with a zipper is better than this glass protector

  4. Ann inGG says:

    I paid a lot of money for my two glass protectors in a package that didn't come with any little tape so you don't touch it I actually had a friend do it cuz I'm afraid I couldn't do it and it got a little off and crooked too but the worst thing about it is even though I bought and paid a lot of money at the T-Mobile store for protectors that should have fit it was much narrower than my home screen which was disturbing

  5. Ann inGG says:

    Most people I see in the videos either heat up the surface to loosen adhesive like with a hairdryer a little bit on low setting and they use credit cards not knives

  6. punchaloo says:

    To be honest I just did it with an x acto blade, didn’t scratch the screen at all. As long as you keep the blade mildly angle away from screen and move slowly. Good guide!

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