Tim's Favorite Techniques – Arm Triangles



The first episode of the newest series “Tim’s Favorite Techniques”. In this episode i go over a technique I’ve had some great success with, the arm triangle.

4 thoughts on “Tim's Favorite Techniques – Arm Triangles

  1. Francesco Genovese says:

    Wow, are you a coach?
    I would advise you to ask someone to film you while you're demonstrating, so what you're doing is more visible with a standing camera.
    Audio quality is fine by me, but with a grounded camera, it is difficult to see everything that you're doing on the mat.

    I would like the next technique breakdown to be the kimura, my favourite submission technique of all, with which I had, and have to this day, very good success during rolling. But obviously it's Tim's favourite techniques, not Francesco's. But still, if you like the kimura, I'd like to see that.

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