Tim Larkin: How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker Using Target Focus Training

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40 thoughts on “Tim Larkin: How to Defend Yourself Against an Attacker Using Target Focus Training

  1. Alvaro Buendia says:

    I am going to tell you the best technique. Just train your front kick day and night every time and then kick the thief or the other guy in the nuts period. If he is a she or doesn't have any nuts then go for the eyes with your knuckle

  2. Rafael Delgado says:

    This guy probably charges a shitload of dough to teach this utterly useless schlock, and since only a retard would fall for this dreck most of his clients have just enough brain cells to push a turd out of their ass.

  3. kommisar says:

    So far this guy looks like another hack peddling snake oil. So the guy will just stand there and freeze in obvious pain as soon as you hit him? Come on, you can't expect to train this crap going through these stupid LARP motions. That "grab the eyes" nonsense is a huge red flag too.

  4. King Kong says:

    Know your styles.
    This is Bullshido, similarly taught by George Dillman.  

    Now in a competitive fighting environment, one might conclude that a combination of training in Muay Thai (or other striking, e.g. Boxing) and JiuJitsu (or other ground tech, e.g. Wrestling) is more effective….

    In other words "How's he going to grab his throat after you just dislodged his shoulder and elbow?" (Jiu Jitsu)

    Or, "How's he going to xxxx if he's counting sheep?"  (Bing Bang!)

    I was once into Bullshido…   Then I learn't it was all BULLSHIT>>

  5. kempo899 says:

    Love seeing all the 'armchair samurais' giving their views, stating that they've been in 'this fight' and 'that scrap'. What a load of bollocks. If you want an example of true 'self protection experts', check out Geoff Thompson or Lee Morrison, both hardcore Brits that have refined their systems on the doors of some of the worst clubs and pubs in the UK, where the techniques have GOT to work. Even they admit that nothing is guaranteed in self defense and even an untrained guy could get a lucky hit in (very unlikely with those two, but there you go). What they DO both agree on is the adage that in the pursuit of self protection, you have to 'Learn to hit fucking hard, fucking quickly, and be fucking first when you do it'. And trust me, I have been to a seminar with Mr Thompson and both he and Mr Morrison can most definitely back up their words….but check out their videos on YT, especially Lee Morrison's…excellent stuff.

  6. OlymPigs2010 says:

    They can teach all the defensive techniques they want but one thing they can't or don't teach is the attitude..the same attitude the violent aggressor has to quickly and unhesitatingly attack you and hurt you as badly as they are able to! Most people are still trying to understand what the situation is all about as the aggressor has already commenced his violent attack on them.People who suddenly and for no reason find themselves under violent attack suffer paralysing confusion,fear and shock.They don't know what set this attacker off against them and they don't know and can't figure out what to do so usually they do nothing and so they get beat up or even killed.People in general have been taught that it's not right and is definitely not allowed for them to violently attack someone…this belief holds true even when someone is viciously attacking them.This non aggression teaching and non violent mindset makes the person a victim a paralysed sitting duck for a violent offender.This is where these quickie "Weekend Self Defense Courses" all fail because they cannot teach their trainees to dump their long held and ingrained non violent,non combatative values and instead to respond instantly with a determined and unintimidated,hurtful physical attack on the aggressor! Without that instant attitude to attack and seriously hurt your attacker all this martial arts training is not only a big waste of money it's completely useless!

  7. E Creacher says:

    I've been in my fair share of fights and when u hit someone they don't immediately grab the spot struck….that's movie shit and what gets so poor bastard broken thinking he can go through some sequence

  8. HGAviator says:

    Tim, Why is it when you demonstrate your strikes, your strike partner always has his hands at his sides? this isn't realistic. In real life, the perp will be coming at you with hand up, with a gun, club or knife. Please update your videos showing how to take a perp out using realistic scenarios.  

  9. Chris DeNorch says:

    TFT is just a re hash of something called SCARS.. They used to sell in BB mag in the mid 90's. If a real life bad ass gets the drop on you in the street 2 days of TFT training will not help in my opinion. heck, Years of training won't help.. He does teach some good principals other's don't. The mind set he teaches is more important then the techniques. If someone has no training this could help a lot..

  10. grayghost1031 says:

    Tim, is a good instructor. I hate that everyone gets in a pissing match which system is the best when we need to know what is best for us. I can as well as others pick apart any system but why. Why not take away one pt. that you can use to protect yourself. If Tim can paid $2000 for training God love him. Don't complain for someone who can sell his product for more then others.

  11. mogges says:

    No I dont go around looking are cause trouble,but Im fed when it comes I freeze up.since I post my comment I haveben learning combat meditation.not sure it works are not.I hate fighting

  12. Supreme Power says:

    Your mind is your own enemy. You need to do mental drills that engineer your mind to become your "best friend" in combat against ignorance. I hope your not the initiator of trouble or you will get your ass beat by the unexpected

  13. mogges says:

    Tim why cant I get paseds my fear of getting hurt.when something happens and it come to a fight i freeze up.I have been to your class, and I practies it every day but when it come to doing it I wind up talking my way out of it and then I feel like a wimp cowerd.When Some dude goes to sceaming say hay im going to kill you are beatth crap out of me I fLat lock up why cant get passed the freeze ups

  14. Raza Khan says:

    And even then, when you are attacking the guy, he's going to try to swing at you or grab you or tackle you or something. You can't just keep attacking with no evasion or deflection, thinking you can put a string of attacks on this guy and they'll all land.

  15. Raza Khan says:

    I don't want you to misunderstand me. If you were in a fight, defended yourself successfully in the beginning, and r now in a postion to counterattack, the ideals Mr. Larkin has shown r indeed good things to strive for. You don't want the guy getting back up before you can run away and call for help. But that would still be the offensive part of the equation. Even raw human instinct has a flinch reflex for an attack coming so as to defend yourself a little. It is a necessary part of survival.

  16. Raza Khan says:

    As you said, I don't know anything about TFT. It may very well have realistic defensive techniques (and obviously you want an offensive mindset, but you would still need defensive techniques for when appropriate). THIS video, however, does not show any defense at all. Hell, it even seems like the "defender" is the "asocial aggressor".

  17. Raza Khan says:

    Actually, I did look it up and couldn't find anything. I see. So basically, you mean any attacker who is not queasy. So, basically what every martial art is trying to address. I don't think most of them would confront you before attacking; they're going to want to use the element of surprise, and may be pretty close before they attack, and might attack from spot where you don't notice until the attack is already launched. You would have to be insanely fast to hit them first.

  18. Raza Khan says:

    This stuff might be good for marines. Self-defense for civilians =/= combat sports =/= military fighting. Definitely in military fighting, if you've lost your weapons, you want to aggressively overpower the guy and take him out. Still, the other guy is also going to be trying stuff, so you're still going to need some defense. I just don't get this.

  19. Raza Khan says:

    I'm not saying boxing is an art for self-defense, but even boxing has defense because they recognize that an attacker is actually trying to do something to you. Wrestling has defense. Karate does, wing chun does, silat does, muay thai does, jujutsu does. Every martial art recognizes on some level the need for defense. Now, if you can spot an aggressor from before he acts and pre-empt him, great! But if he tries something? If you don't recognize him first? You don't just attack everyone you see.

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