Tim Kennedy GN Knife Fight and commentary



Original Video by Tactiholics: This is a breakdown of the knife fight between Tim Kennedy MMA/UFC …

21 thoughts on “Tim Kennedy GN Knife Fight and commentary

  1. W. George says:

    I'd strongly advise against grappling against a knife attacker. You should either run away or grab a weapon like a chair or a club to fend off the attack, then run away. If you really can't get your hands on anything, keep your distance and strike him, hoping that you can knock him out as soon as possible.

  2. Lou Sawyer says:

    Very true. I teach martial arts for a living and I always tell my students, you need to gain control but getting cut is very likely. If someone wants to take your life they are gonna cause some kind of damage while trying. Control the knife, take control, use it against them. Hopefully live and get to the hospital

  3. Theodore Lucas says:

    That's not a knife. This is a knife!

    If only life were that simple. Truth is if someone wants to stab you, in most cases you wont know it till it's already happened or in progress. People with the intent dont advertise or carry openly. You could get stabbed openly in public by a guy that you just passed in a crowd, not saying everyone should worry about this but if you are a target by someone with the know how you wont see it coming unless you are the type that often has angry face offs and puffy word exchanges with people you dont know or have annoyed you. A knife attack is going to happen close, and all at once, so yeah, being aware is just the first disadvantage most knife wound recipients have to deal with on top of reaction speed, physical prowess, location and environmental factors, whether you have friends or people nearby, or even the martial arts skills to defend yourself from fatal strikes, there are so many factors to knife defense…. my solution: everyone wear stab proof suits. Then we only have to worry about guns! Lol

  4. MR V says:

    Biggest BS in the world. This BJJ flavour of the month is misleading so many people. First of all he used a judo throw to put the guy down (uchimata) then it’s all sci-fi. You see a knife, you run or grab a big object to create distance.

  5. Mikhail Horst Gant says:

    In my experience in knife fight, if you have a chance run a way, but if the situation is dificult for you take your shit out and cover your arm , take off your belt for defence and make your best kicks and fight hard.

  6. brothajack1993 says:

    First realistic comment in the video that says, "You WILL get cut, but the injury reduction is minimized."

    There is a quote in Hagakure that says if you know what its like to get hit, then you dont fear getting hit so much at all and you can become fearless. Another quote says if there is a rainstorm and you know in advance youre gonna get soaked, yes it sucks you get rained on but you wont be perplexed.

  7. pat mat says:

    Sorry mate didn't like your technique….knife defence …didn't look right you didn't even hit the guy in the face to distract him…palm heel to disruot his balance …etc…….ended up rolling on the floor….not cool….

  8. justaman6972 says:

    If I intend to poke holes in you, I promise you'll never know it's coming. I'll hit a lung , liver and corotid and you'll have about 90 seconds, then it's black bag and toe tag time. This is fantasy folks.

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