37 thoughts on “Tim Kennedy discusses knife fighting at SHOT Show 2016

  1. sig08840 says:

    The only thing i would say is, if you're an operator and you carry a specific knife to kill with, you should never never never us it to open anything besides a person. Now with that being said, if you need to open anything besides a person buy a multi tool like a Gerber.

  2. Rambo David says:

    He goes over the top, he is full of himself watch a lot of videos of him always the same phrases come up "i ve killed a lot of people"
    "Isis wants to kill me"
    "I am special forces"
    He needs approval really bad

  3. Irish Technical Thinker says:

    He is seeking approval and attention in the eyes of men. Nice guy and a true fighter but how can you lose to a guy who couldn't even get off his stool. Tim is not a man to say it. I boxed for years and have had 100s of fights but i can be honest, sometimes i got my ass wooped. Tims ego won't let him.

  4. Flirting with Zombie's official says:

    I just cant like this dude, he has that slight fake look in his eyes all the time, its almost like in his head while he is talking he is like look cool, say something cool, dont look stupid, shit your looking stupid Tim, say something about Bisping,,,,,,,,,,,,,But not trying to troll on anyone, but this dude is a joke to me

  5. Pablo Lozano says:

    All those guys standing around to listen about a hypothetical knife fight that not one of them have ever been in or will get into. Sounds like a marketing tool to sell shit. Sell fear, it works for these guys.

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