Throwing Random Knives (SOG Seal Pup)

Little Rusty sog auto clip, sog seal pup, kitchen knife, and cheap knives.

33 thoughts on “Throwing Random Knives (SOG Seal Pup)

  1. MasterK9Trainer says:

    I wonder if some really touch styrofoam such as household insulation would be useful as a target. I think it's smart to be able to throw any knife one owns, but I would hate to damage the tip on one of my knives and then end up changing it's profile and shape.
    I'd prefer to use actual throwing knives or homemade knives and spare my bushcraft and survival (and tactical) knives, but if necessary it'd be nice to have the technique to throw whatever I might be carrying.

  2. Ben says:

    Hey MegaWinfrey you seem like a cool dude. I have a knife like your sog seal except its my grandfather's antique western l66 bowie. thats my war knife too i guess..

  3. bjggjb says:

    Damn, I wish YT was around when I was a kid. If I'd known back in 1985 or so that a knife could be thrown without rotation for 15 feet or better, it's a skill I'd be a complete master of by now. (As it is, I only discovered no-spin throwing when I was 34 years old!)

  4. rytmen says:

    "what good is a fighting knife if you cant throw it" words of wisdom right there brow 😛 great video, i like taking care of my knives, but then again if you dont use them to something they are just collecting dust, so i know where you are comming from.

  5. JJoaquin_A says:

    the board needs to learn that it has to let the projectiles stick so when it disobeys the punishment is a bullet over time the board will get used to the projectiles and he would not have to waist led on hard lessons.

  6. ImRamro says:

    Sweet throwing. I like throwing all kinds of strange knives and utensils at my targets. I am under the impression that if you practice with more crazy random stuff you become much better than the person who only has one throwing style or who needs a certain weight knife to be effective….Great video!

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