Throwing Knives with Subscriber and my 3-year-old Daughter



When I first got to Kansas, I met a subscriber, Alyssa, when I was pregnant and she told me about all the events at the library. Once my daughter was about 8 …

20 thoughts on “Throwing Knives with Subscriber and my 3-year-old Daughter

  1. Jancel Conroy says:

    That's excellent I'm glad you're back I wonder what happened. It's also nice that you have your daughter involved in your sport. I picked up awesome skills from different people in my life. Shooting 22 I was a kid, farming for my grandfather, martial arts from the college kid next door it was like a big brother to me. It gave me great responsibility for weapons growing up learning the value but what's wrong and right. I teach Judo the kids now and I always emphasize safety, self-esteem and Body body mechanic awareness.
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    Thanks for the awesome reference knives

  2. kaizoebara says:

    On another note: I also find it hard to switch between no-spin and spinning throws. Seems my brain is dialed into whatever style I begin with that day, although I find it easier to switch from spinning to no-spin for some odd reason.

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