Throwing knives vs throwing ninja stars



In this brief tutorial, Foghorn thoroughly describes the complex techniques required to effectively perform the underhand …

24 thoughts on “Throwing knives vs throwing ninja stars

  1. King Begino says:

    Poor you… Its not like theres a ton of knife throwing tutorials on youtube. You'll probably never find the information you're looking for if you didn't find it in this video. My prayers go out to you.

  2. King Begino says:

    lol… thats the manager of my band. hes not dressed up like that. he was born like that. i know it sounds kind of weird but hey everybody has their own struggles to deal with

  3. tasteegold7772 says:

    @ItMightBeAChicken trying to explain satire is like heating fucking leftovers up! just aint as good the second time around…but here it is anyways..i was implying the early ninja went slightly insane (like myself) trying to perfect the throwing knife but couldn't ..hence the development of the shuriken! it is.

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