THROWING Knives & Tomahawks vs. GEL/RIBS

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20 thoughts on “THROWING Knives & Tomahawks vs. GEL/RIBS

  1. David Woods says:

    The only problem with this is that he is doing a spin throw, this type of throw is entirely unrealistic in a combat situation because you can only stick the knife at certain distances. A no-spin throw would be much better. To be fair he is REALLY good at the spin throw.

  2. Enzo Warren says:

    spin-throwing a knife < straight-throwing a knife < running and stabbing without throwing < throwing a tomahawk < shooting a shotgun shell filled with tiny knife blades <<<< spin-throwing a ballistic knife instead of firing it

  3. hundaba chikaka says:

    Does the blade have to be heavier than the handle? Coz if your sharpening real knives you remove material and weight in the sharp edge. Spin or no spin it sticks to target it hits handle or really bad throw hit sideways

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