Throwing Knives for Beginners

Here they are in Action.

26 thoughts on “Throwing Knives for Beginners

  1. John Brown says:

    Cool video, Thanks. I'm looking at buying 6 new throwers 3 Cold Steel Torpedo and 3 Cold Steel Chef Knives. I know the Torpedos will be fun I weigh 240 and 6'2…I would love to see a video of you throwing the Chefs Knife from Cold Steel.

  2. Lynden Renwick says:

    G'day mate, any chance you have, or can make, a video on the grip for rotational throwing with cold steel pro flight, sport, and sport mini? Other instructors seem conflicted on pinch grip, palm grip, thumb placement, finger placement, and blade/handle grip. Thanks mate. Great videos.

  3. Lex Slr says:

    Good advise. I got a set of 6 sure flights. They really were an improvement over the butter knives I was using before. I'm really focusing on no spin since you can basically run around and throw; adjustments are controlled by your release as opposed to spin throwing where the location determines your success.
    These knives really are good for beginners. After using them, I got pretty OKAY in a short space of time. They are designed to make the user aware of how the knife release works. Because of practicing with these, I think I can handle my butter knives properly now…maybe even a screw driver.
    awesome vids as well man…keep it up

  4. Eric Meeks says:

    Great videos!

    Are throwing knives practical for self defense? In Texas it is illegal to carry a blade with cutting edge longer than 5 inches. Seems like all throwing knives are longer and therefore illegal for me to carry…

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