Throwing Knives and Shuriken



Knife throwing, first week.

46 thoughts on “Throwing Knives and Shuriken

  1. Brandon Maya says:

    If there is enough evidence if the favor of violence used as self-defense, your chance of being found guilty would be relatively low, regardless of a background in the martial arts. Mind you, with a background such as that a court would look into your case with much more intent than if you were an seemingly innocent civilian, thus increasing your chances of being found guilty.

    And of course, the pull of your finger could have the same desired effect, given you are in posession of a firearm.

  2. Brandon Maya says:

    Right – if you have the option, whereas the chances of having the option varies from area to area, and the approaching direction of the intruder.

    And it's not murder if it's self defense. In fact, in some cases it could be the exchange of your life for the intruder's or vice versa, in which case self-preservation would be the most logical solution in that instance, and even then self-preservation as an instinct would most likely overpower any logical reasoning, varying with personnality.

  3. Brandon Maya says:

    If you're at a distance and all you have are knives, the logical thing to do would be to throw them and do as much damage in the process as possible.

    If you had the opportunity to use knives like that and you ran torwards the opponent instead, I'd have to argue that you were an idiot.

  4. Brandon Maya says:

    Lol, this guy does suck, but you're in no position to insult him when you:

    1. Don't know basic grammar skills.
    2. Can't spell.
    3. Think age makes that big of a difference in an art like knife throwing.
    4. Think you can actually throw Hari-Gata(Needle) Bo-Shuriken at "more than 70mph".
    5. Think Hira-Shuriken are the "regular" type.
    6. Think you can throw Hira-Shuriken at 80mph.

  5. WickedMemory says:

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  6. Orejarena250 says:

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  7. Jaguar22 says:

    I didn't much favor the video either. But wouldn't having insecurities lead him to prevent from bravely throwing his attempts (regardless the quality) on the internet for thousands to see? Maybe you should grow up and face your own problems before you try to accuse others of being flawed. At least you wouldn't come off as a moron quite so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. CrazyRussian says:

    concentrate your attention on the target man,
    keep all the time eyes on the hitting spot.
    go straight from up to down with your arm.
    you will miss less than that.
    regards , Russian ninja

  9. jalla24 says:

    all ppl who throw knives and shurikens arent naruto "tards". u can go get som more knowledge and then come back to see if u say somethin else.

    BUT as they say. keep a longer distance and an other target. and keep practicing. u will make it in the end ^^

  10. Anthony Vellucci says:

    that sucks but may i recomend something to throw besides knives???

    Cards are my favorite non blade throwing things right now i am throwing hotel cards and i just put a hole in my bedroom wall about 1cm in and for knife throwing definately go with wood

  11. CounterStrikeCZ says:

    =P Life's tough when you wanna throw stuff ya know? So many obstacles yet so many ways to overcome em. I should ask to go to homedepot to buy a wooden board and use it for target practice. Also, i think my mom found out i broke one of her steak knives. All hell breaks loose -_-

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