*THROWING KNIFE* IN MODERN WARFARE | Everything YOU Need To Know! Perks, Handling & More! (COD MW)



READ THIS! GAMEPLAY HAS ARRIVED FOR 2019 Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Throwing Knives!! #CODMW #CallofDuty Hey guys!!! Within this video, we …

10 thoughts on “*THROWING KNIFE* IN MODERN WARFARE | Everything YOU Need To Know! Perks, Handling & More! (COD MW)

  1. Bencoolski says:

    Heya guys!!!! So my last pinned comment was explaining that this video was everything we know so far, what to expect and the possible best classes to use in Modern Warfare when using the throwing knife! Now that #ModernWarfare is released and everyone has settled into the game here's an updated list of what to expect in this game!

    How quick they throw: Fairly quick, cannot be spammed. Use perk 3 'Amped' to speed up your throwing speed!
    Bankshots and Cross maps: Just like any COD! Straight ups do not go as far as they do in previous CODs. Throwing knives can stick to surfaces or bank a good distance at the correct angle!

    Killcams: Always final killcam in S&D, Cyber Attack or Gunfight. Final killcam will only work in other gamemodes if you or any player does not get a triple kill with a gun or certain pieces of equipment.

    Class setup:
    Any primary (Riot shield may help!)
    Secondary: Combat knife
    Perk 1: Scavenger (Recommended)
    Perk 2: Ghost or Restock (Recommended)
    Perk 3: Amped or Shrapnel (Recommended, Shrapnel will allow you to have 3 throwing knives upon resupply!)
    Field Upgrades: Dead silence and Ammo Crate (Weapon Crate if you go for quest feeds!)
    Killstreaks: Personal Radar, UAV & Advanced UAV.

    Resupply: Throwing knives can be resupplied upon Scavenger, Ammo crates or any used knives whether they kill an enemy or not.
    Right hand: Throwing knives are thrown from your character's right hand, doesn't really affect your gameplay, but you cannot shoot your gun when you are holding your throwing knife.

    Equipment charge: Thankfully not as bad as I thought, you can use Perk 2 'Restock' to resupply throwing knives after 30 seconds.
    Perks: Already discussed, see the class setup above!

    Hope you're enjoying #CODMW and please subscribe if you are new as I am making throwing knife content on a weekly basis! 😀

  2. BANKSalot says:

    i dont think that will be the case with the perk eqipment charge, i think you will get knives on every respawn but if you have that perk on you will regenerate stuns and knives while still alive, could be wrong but this isnt a futuristic game so it wouldnt make any sense to have equipment recharge but we'll see, and from the naked eye the knife looks alot faster than the bo4 axe

  3. SJMLive says:

    Great editing, keep it up, this vid I very helpful for the knifers of cod, you should go pro in the knifing decision join FaZe now like you're so good at commentating, this game is lit, I've got a cool story where I hit a crossmap but didn't get killcam ended up being like a 4 bank and it was cool but yeah, good vid

  4. Bencoolski says:

    Please take this into consideration: It's time to start preparing for when Modern Warfare drops! Everything in this video is analysing what we know so far and any details you may have missed when watching the revealed gameplay! Sections of this video such as class set-up is mainly speculation but picking out bits that we know exist in the game so we know of some of the MUST-HAVE equipment for knifing! Apologies for the incorrect credit of TeePee, his Twitch is linked in the description! Please check him out and hope you enjoy!

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