Throwing Daggers & Needles – Ninja Style!

It’s Weekend Weapons at the ShaolinCenter YouTube Channel: Throwing Daggers & Needles – Like a Ninja! In this lesson we show you how to throw daggers …

31 thoughts on “Throwing Daggers & Needles – Ninja Style!

  1. J Pr8r says:

    I grew up with blades used as a utility tool. I was taught on the reservation how to throw bowie knives. The no spin is a common way of throwing knives, but there is far more it.
    After years of practice, and several destroyed trees, the one thing that its all about is knowing how to control your blade and what it can and csnt do at certain distances.

  2. Dicky Dancause says:

    good video only suggestion before giving any instruction you should aware people about security. if i remeber myself as a child I would probably try your stuff without thinking. other then that i thank you, you did help me a lot great instruction.

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