Throwing Big Blades – CRKT Hisshou Knife


42 thoughts on “Throwing Big Blades – CRKT Hisshou Knife

  1. WColdblooded357W says:

    You aren't kidding about throwing messing up blades. So I'm sure you're familiar with the Ontario marine Raider Bowie. Huge bulky thick blade. A few throws into wood and it bent a good 20 degrees or so at the guard. Which made the guard flop around. I couldn't believe it. BTW all throws were sticks and this still occurred. I'm amazed that knife was able to do what it did and not even a tiny spur on the tip. Cool video and great knife. I know this one is on the list

  2. Macho Deth says:

    Hey man the hisshou seems like an almost perfect hand held weapon, and crkt makes a quality product, yet I've heard some negatives. I won't lie most of the negatives were from idiots who were trying to use it for bushcraft, when, if you research the blade at all the designer himself said it's made for combat not wood. What's your take bro? i'm a budget guy it's a chunk out my pocket. straight up one martial artists to another….worth it as a weapon or not? hit me back

  3. LightAbyssion says:

    Just wanted to say my local retailer got the Hisshou back in stock and I nabbed it up. I probably wouldn't have bought it without your videos. It looks way better on HD camera and in person. One of my faves now. 🙂

  4. Prepper Z says:

    You have amazing skill sets on the blades bro .. Thanks for the video I been waiting for Hisshou tip test video for long time now .. What do you think of its plastic rounded gurded thing? My concern is that is only the place that hold knife into sheath when its gone the knife will no longer fit into the sheath.

  5. zenjim007 says:

    I dearly love these blades! So eloquent, graceful and razor sharp. You throw like a Ninja Master, but I am glad you played it safe with the grip, these knives are too sharp to get cocky with. There are a lot of great swords out there, but amongst knives I think these are in the category of MUST HAVE!! One question though…is that genuine Ray I see there and what is the material on the wrap? Looks real comfortable. Much thanks as always for sharing your fabulous collection.

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