Throwing a Cold Steel Torpedo

Throwing a Cold Steel Torpedo at a foam archery target as well as water bottles.

40 thoughts on “Throwing a Cold Steel Torpedo

  1. Caitlyn Laufey says:

    I thought this was good and you very talented and analytical.
    The noteworthy thing was that although there are many among the millions in the world that are talented, less are as such you, talented that is in two areas that both compliment and are able to examine the other.
    I hope you are noticed and are exposed to resources that appreciate, nurture and reward these.
    Overall I was impressed.
    Sweet throwing too.

    Loved it

  2. fuedlibumser says:

    A steel bolt of ground pointed at the ends, we call this piece, Cold Steel Torpedo wow. And sell a bolt for $ 40.00! Anyone who buys this senseless waste and what do you use the "Torpedo"! Sink boats and kill water bottles!?! LoL!

  3. kibbey111 says:

    Look up no rotation knife throwing (probably better using the Japanese style than the Russian) it's called a torpedo, no rotation throwing fleets it act like one instead of it trying to be a knifr. Please make another video when you get no rotation figured out as I'd love to. See the torpedo in action

  4. Al Machado says:

    I started buying Cold Steel Torpedos when they first came out years ago.  I have like 4 or 5 of them.  The first ones were lathe-turned a little differently and weren't as smooth and pointy.  I did kill a jackrabbit with one though.  The newer ones, which I assume you have are smoother and pointier.  I actually keep one of the newer ones hidden in my front room with my pistol just in case lol.  Thanks for the vid!

  5. Andrew Stanley says:

    The reason why This guy is having problems Is because this type of weapon is designed for a no spin throw He is doing a great job but if he wants a large and heavy weapon to throw with spin technique she should definitely be using a knife Torpedoes. Are designed forthat outcome they will not stick unless you hit with only the point Great job though kudos on the accuracy of his throws

  6. Marc Vince says:

    This kid must practice 2 hrs a day for months to get that much skill. He should go work in the circus as a knife thrower.Either that or take a real course on knife throwing and teach this…..but he'd have to learn to weed out the psychos. Who do you think 1/2 the people would be that wpould take a course in this? But for womens self defense, this is the "nuts."! Can you imagine being a guy who's stalking your ex-girlfriend and she throws this at you hitting a tree right next to your head!!!?

  7. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Sorry I just realized I answered your question while I was logged in as my brother ,21fretboard, Anyhow the tips come sharp straight out of the box. But if they do need to be sharpened a simple bench grinder should be enough

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