21 thoughts on “THROAT STRIKE | Self-Defence Myths BUSTED

  1. hi lo says:

    In systems like wing chun and Jeet kun do etc you condition your hands through iron paln training to such a degree that collapsing a throat would not hard at all! I mean your fingers turn to concrete and you are used to striking wooden dummies. So striking a throat and damaging it severely would be no challenge!! But even if you don't take them down for good with that one strike, they are debiliatated and stunned for long enough for you to eye gouge or elbow (bill jee) the jaw or strike the neck muliple times on both sides and effectively knock them out.

  2. the voice of doom says:

    people like this are dangerous and there false teaching will get you killed end of story !!! attack the throat and the person is off to meet his maker AND THAT'S A FACT proven on the battlefield

    this man is a con artist

  3. Lee Skillings says:

    Dont matter what move u do 1st its about following up so a throat strike or a kick to the groin will have a follow up of something else i wouldnt just think my 1st move was going to stop someone but the next 2 or 3 might

  4. macccerkiddd says:

    I don't think it's actually the Larynx that is the target for death when it comes to throat striking as you said it's quite resistant. What you may be thinking of is the Hyoid bone situated a bit higher up from the Larynx that is responsible for death. During an anatomy lesson I had, I recall my tutor saying whenever it came to murder cases with no apparent injury, they would always check if the Hyoid was broken because it usually always breaks during strangulation.

  5. J Cline says:

    So let's see Sharif H test these theories out with hardened street fighters, military elite veterans, or just show off some moves from inside San Quentin Pen. Call me old school, but don't all competent martial arts instructors have some visible soft tissue damage or scars from practicing that shit? Yellow belt techniques (for only $599!) won't save Goldilocks in the rape tunnel, but will make you look super badass in the gym.
    Please show us more, Sensei!

    And the reason I ask, is because there is a slight, but real possibility I might be put in a situation tomorrow where I have to go up against a Goliath of sorts. Even after my training in multiple disciplines about a decade ago now, years of psych work that put some of my training to practice, and several fights into the future, I am still apprehensive about the fight or flight moment where the blood being spilled may be my own, or just pooling up in my brain from a severe cranial hematoma. Have you felt that fear? And what do you really do to take down a man that is much stronger than you? Besides carry a gun…

  6. Ricardo Galvan says:

    Very informative, but what do you think of wing chun "cyclone punches" to the larynx? Or any sort of strong jab to the center of the throat? It appeals to me because I fear my punch may be ineffective on the head of someone much bigger than me (I'm only 5'6 and won't ever win Mr. Olympia). Are they absolutely ineffective in a proper street fight? Or can I indeed pummel a throat and take a larger opponent down? Or is all head punches really the best way for a sudden and quick take down? In Tae Kwondo, they tended to teach us for the sole purpose of competition fights, so I've always felt intimidated by the kind of opponent that closes the gap and puts you out of foot range. With my feet I knock people all across the room all day everyday, but judging from videos of actual street fights, the type of attacks that come seem to be fast punches rushing forward (usually by complete surprise) with very little time for me to get nice and setup to start doing front kicks. I feel the block then counter punch (assuming I don't get instantly knocked out from a sucker punch!) would be the best and only real option. BTW, the reason why I'm actually concerned about this is because the university I go to, actually both universities right there in the middle of the city, seems to be surrounded by high amounts of crime. Assaults, robberies, etc., so I've been looking up some tips to help me where my Tae Kwondo training cannot.

  7. Soul Chicken says:

    The knee is another one. I've heard numerous times from martial arts guys, how they'll "just break his knee" with a kick. Doesn't work like that in real life. It'll hurt, but most times it just flexes in and they keep going. Too much theory in most martial arts schools, and not enough tested reality.

  8. thgbh says:

    I totally agree with everything you say. BUT. Throat chops, as the groin kicks or the nose jabs are not there to make you hit them like you are in the movies. These are moves to surprise your opponent(a person on the street trying to rob you,rape you or harm you in any way) so you can buy some time to ESCAPE. Because on the street you don't fight to win. You fight to escape. Hitting soft spots when least expected gives you precious time to escape.

    Nonetheless I totally agree with what you are saying. Keep up teaching us and we will continue listening. Thank you.

  9. MErazoPT says:

    I agree with most of what is said here, on the video. No doubt about that however, coming from a combatives background. WW2 Combatives, I would not try and strike directly to the throat because, as you explained, people may have their head down. So, what we may do, prior to striking the throat, is akin to what boxers do. On an orthodox stances, boxers use jabs, to distract then strike with a power hook, to the head, power hook to the right side, liver area. Their opponent, i he see's a hook to the body coming, as a first strike, will most likely evade or, most of the power, will hit his arm, when he lowers it, close to his body, as he see's it coming. There is a greater chance of striking an area, with indirect attacks, then just going straight to the vulnerable area because it will be spotted easily. Thanks for the informative video. very much appreciated.

  10. Ibn Sina says:

    A simple, fast, hard chop to the throat, with both hands in a V, as a first strike (when you already know you're going to have to attack) can be quite useful, considering you're in punching range and the opponent will have a small window to recompose himself – thus lowering his guard and allowing you to land a good punch.

  11. Nabil Abdulrashid says:

    Throat strikes and claws are primarily a distraction technique just to buy yourself time to do something else. I know of many situations where they have been used in real situations and they have worked. But selling them as a 100 percent fight stopper is silly.

  12. Dave Butler says:

    good clip. and looks like a good passionate instructor. I don't agree with this as saying impact is the best way to take out a bigger attacker. some people have had a whole career as a professional fighter and never developed the ability to be a true knock out striker not to mention doing it against a bigger stronger opponent who more than often will be drunk or drugged. the idea of attacks to the eyes throat groin etc give a better option to stun and run or follow up with heavy strikes until the threat is neutralised. just my opinion!!!

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