5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Weapon Defense and Knives

  1. Austin Patrick says:

    Hey, big fan of your videos. You should really look into Nick Drossos, the best YouTuber I've seen on realistic knife defense. He really gets into the situational awareness aspect of it, which is crucial. Also, Rory Miller's Meditations on Violence is a must read, really bridges the gap between martial arts and real-world violence.

  2. Shane Higgs says:

    Recommend you look into Sayoc Kali. It's a modern knife combatives system that is extremely effective. I've been training in it since 2010 and have found that it does much to increase survivability in a blade confrontation. You won't find much on it here on YouTube – just some very basic templates – but the training is very in-depth and is approached very realistically.

  3. profd65 says:

    The main problem with knives is that people are usually sneaky and diabolical with them–they keep the knife hidden until right before they stab you. I think "knife fights" are pretty much an urban legend. About the only persons who will show you the knife in advance are robbers and rapists.

    Anyway, for what it's worth I've actually seen one or two knife disarms that seem plausible; they might actually work a fair percentage of the time, but I'd really like to see some semi-scientific testing of them. One thing that certainly can help if somebody's coming at you with a knife (other than running away) is to find something in the environment that you can use as a makeshift shield: a leather jacket, a chair, a garbage can lid–whatever.

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