Thorn/Spear-Style Knife Throwing Practice

This is a video for myself and others to critque. It may not be that interesting. Sorry. Maybe next time. But if you do watch you might learn something. The song is Albanach’s Berlin.

21 thoughts on “Thorn/Spear-Style Knife Throwing Practice

  1. LusciousDuchess says:

    I love the music and the thorn guy should have you do his instructional videos, he's so annoying I just can't watch the shit. But you are totally watchable, I've learned more from watching you in 2 secs than I did watching him for 20 min

  2. Ashley Hahs says:

    I am trying to learn no spin because I think it is more practical. Your videos are great and have been helpful. Any updates and favorite knife for no spin is appreciated. I have a Cold ]Steel true flight that I really like.

  3. nascar350 says:

    Nice video dude. To me it looks like your doing great. I mean your sticking very well, and thats half the battle. just more practice and youll hit the same mark all the time.

  4. MrSkateborder101 says:

    Nice one on the whole coming from the side with the throw. Try it over arm it really helps I have some crappy skeleton knives I can throw from like fifteen feet they weigh about as much as a bic pen

  5. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @cyberjackcyberjack MMHHM. The wings don't really bother me. It is probably because I don't have my index finger to far up on the handle. On top of that my grinder is absolutely pathetic. Thanks for the advice anyway though.

  6. Van Bowen says:

    This is mildly funny, I have worked with Ralph (on accident actually lol i had no idea who he was) and his whole concept was using natural body mechanics to slip the blade to the target and never hafta "throw" the knife! Love ur vids man but for this style u should really open up that shoulder n let ur blade b ur guide, stop pushing so hard! Very impressed with decent sticks though, you def got some raw talent!

  7. TheRedHat says:

    Not much to say really. The technique looks fine. But you didn't really define your problem. I would say that your throw looks like a sort of lob which I wouldn't think is very accurate but you didn't miss too much so once again, everything looks good.

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