This is why you don’t draw on a drawn gun!

To paraphrase the late, great Col. Jeff Cooper, owning a gun doesn’t make you a gunfighter anymore than owning a guitar makes you a musician. You must …

35 thoughts on “This is why you don’t draw on a drawn gun!

  1. John Ames says:

    This is why those training videos from NRA with that guy who pulls his shirt to his neck are so stupid. He's on Colion Noir's show. I think his name is Dom. If you pull your shirt up to your neck like an idiot so you can draw you will not be able to draw secretly, you will alert the whole neighborhood. Make enough space so you can draw but you don't have to pull your shirt up over your head like Dom. It's great in a training video but no one would ever draw like that in real life.

  2. j c Montreal says:

    The first officer drew his gun with two hands while a gun was pointed at him ????? At least he should he not have tried to isolate the perps gun buy grabbing the gun or arm while drawing his own

  3. John Callaghan says:

    Eradicate capitalism and you have virtually no crime left, apart from serial killers, family affairs not involving money (there aren't that many options left) or lust murders, you'd have about 8% left of the murders you have today.

  4. ll Kasper ll says:

    Know what I like about you, John? You never kiss ass in the comments!
    People say stupid shit, and you coldly put them down for it. Or better yet, they make questionable (but semi-polite) assertions, and you respond with evidence, reason, a request for sourcing, or some other application of the scientific method. I think that's great! 🙂
    I really, really hate it when people avoid justified confrontation as a part of some PR bullshit. It's so fuckin' transparent, and really turns me off. I saw a comment on another (unrelated) video where some asshole wrote "fuck you this video sucks you should quit", and the channel responded some over-the-top nonsense like "Jeepers, I sure hope the next video will be something you enjoy. If you have any suggestions to share with us, we would love to hear them, friend!"

  5. Damian Mandic says:

    Perception and awareness of ones surrounding, at all times, is essential in these kind of situations. First situation was not in favor of the police officer. Too chaotic with a small window of opportunity. Maybe, if he somehow managed to push/trip the guy to the ground, he would gain the advantage back. Sadly, it seems the holster was the issue. In second situation, the "criminal" had an advantage with the hostage, but was obviously not on top of the situation, giving the police guy enough time to make the fatal move. Although it is sad watching lives get extinguished in a moment, these kind of videos serve as a reminder of how quickly things can get out of control. RIP.

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