Think you could defend yourself against knife attack?

44 thoughts on “Think you could defend yourself against knife attack?

  1. Veronica Forston says:

    Thank you for your service. I'm not a LEO but 110% LEO supporter and I've been to at least ten LEO funerals, all murdered but two. I've also had two LEOs I was close to commit suicide (PTSD): one last year and he was like my brother.

  2. Zakkyl says:

    You need to have good instinct, 10 feet, run aside first, draw your gun and bang-bang. It's harder if the suspect brings machete/samurai katana, which is much longer than knife.

  3. Slomofogo says:

    Good to know. I think this is seriously good knowledge because the good old days in the USA are OVER! What I mean is that crazy violent idiots think they can do what they want. Well NOT ANYMORE. Time for a CC permit.

  4. Bewildering Truth Seeker says:

    Also, sometimes your best defense is to act crazier than the person with the knife. If you are confronted with a crazy fucker with a knife, instantly strip down naked and start screaming scenes from the exorcist "YOUR MOTHER SUCKS COCKS IN HELL" AHHHHHHHH WABALABALABALABA AHHHDOOOWWWWOPLAAAAAAAMBAM


    Dan Inosanto is a Filipino, the old, knife-wielding guy in the first scene of this video. He is also one of Bruce Lee's trainer and sparring partner. I believe him and Bruce founded this form of Martial arts called Jet Kune-Do or JKD for short.

  6. Cyberphobe says:

    Somebody who trains everyday in the martial arts can defend themselves against an attack like this. Police don't train everyday in the martial arts. These demonstrations are flawed. I dare one of these gangster wannabes to come at a Shaolin Monk with a knife.

  7. abraham seras says:

    A knife should be used to essentially win. Precise bio mechanical cuts make that possible. Bum rushing someone and hitting non vital organs and areas is a waste of time. Flailing vs fast overwhelming deliberate bio mechanical cuts. Obviously the latter, most of the time attackers who have usually don't telegraph the onset of their attack. They give you no time to react. Don Pentecost's book put em' down take em' gave great insight to a lot today's instructors.

  8. abraham seras says:

    the function of a knife and its intended design dictates its its way of use.  knives are shown in brute force attacks ALOT. Though most don't know is that the knife is a bladed weapon intended for precise cuts not bludgeoning or dismembering. understanding this is very important the key thing is as brutal as knife strikes are if they are not in the right spot they won't put the person down. they will cause massive amounts of bleeding to the victim this is inevitable but in a combat scenario a knife gets worse the longer it is prolonged for both sides. there are many times where a critically injured victim beat the living hell out of the attacker despite wounds. there key targets for stabbing if your an attacker. those places are neck, face, and torso. getting stabbed in the trachea is almost certain death. getting stabbed in the face like in the eye or nasal cavity straight to the medula is very severe the defender will will be most likely incapacitated or dead. now torso is tricky slashing flourishes are only successful to certain parts of the torso to the torso mainly with the torso the main thing to worry about is getting stabbed.  though if someone cuts your abdominal artery your endorphin's and analgesic's in your body won't help you. not being able to draw is a you problem. harsh and not understanding at first but realize that kydex concealment holsters are not hard to draw from AT ALL and other duty holsters that are designed upon request from law enforcement to incorporate retention, quick release technology into big holster companies that sell to civillian an le. saying all holsters don't operate correctly in high octane situations is disregarding the le tested holster products made by people who understand the trade and are keen to what makes a holster efficient. if you wanna believe and watch 70s ponostache cops and a voice disregard the work of hard working americans that have saved the lives of our heroes. than be my guest

  9. Non Stop says:

    I am English, and not going to go in to details, but I came under threat this week, and well, I ask my self why the hell are we not allowed at least some basic defensive items in the UK? Theirs to many bad people out there, who have the potential to end life's, I'm unarmed, so don't really stand much of a chance against a criminal who has armed them self's with a lethal weapon, the odds are against me.

  10. Robert Frost says:

    Nice video, the most important thing they left out is the horrific nature of knife wounds. People see the instructor waving "something" around in front of the training cop… but without first-hand experience with knife wounds, it is impossible to grasp what those knife flourishing are actually doing the body. Here is a picture that might give you some idea.

    This was done with a little razor blade, like the kind you fit into box cutters. Take care of yourselves out there. Oh, and if you are a cop, and you do not practice quick-draw firing your weapon at LEAST once a month on the range… be sure to tell the people in your life that are important to you how much you love them at ever opportunity, because you will be thinking of them when you are on the ground. 

  11. Self Defense Pitbull Terrier says:

    Problem if you conceal carry is that you got to find your gun, or undo your clothing.

    Also with a gun, you got to cock it up. 

    If I am from a distance, I think it be better off to use pepper spray as it blocks their vision. If your attacker has got his adrenaline going, will he feel that bullet wound? Will it kill him instantly? Will it drop him on the floor in seconds before he stabs you?

  12. Clay says:

    i can dodge 80% knife attacks except for what a silat martial artist can conceal under their fingers.. i dont keep eye contact with who im talking to i watch their hands and feet

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