Thick EDC Knife – Knifemaking



In this video we make a small but hefty EDC Knife from start to finish. If you like handmade custom knives and you like watching them get made; this is the video …

47 thoughts on “Thick EDC Knife – Knifemaking

  1. Mauwii Boy says:

    Loving this knife so far! Feels great in the waist band, I carry this along with a folder and find myself using this knife more. Very precise lines, great edge retention, just an overall handsome little guy. Mahalo again!

  2. Bruce Lortz says:

    What do you think about a knife with a notched seatbelt cutter on the belly of the blade and a carbide drill bit in the handle for breaking glass? Also, a sheath that could be velcro'd to the center console of a car, but has a belt clip on the other side.
    I cobbled one together from a cheap Amazon purchased knife, and it looks about as bad as you can imagine. I'd like to see what a pro could do.

  3. Robert Koontz says:

    Every one said Ahhwww, Hey you could acid etch a fake hamon line to hide the scratchs. I started lining my kydex with pool table felt. I used that method in wooden saya/ scabbords along time ago.

  4. Dave Evader Knives says:

    Get some small 1/4" nuts & bolts, use those to hold the sheath together while you shape it(good for making it the right size too), when you get everything 100%, go wash it out & then put it all together. I'll tell ya, you can do everything 100% & the kydex will still scratch, enough to make ya crazy…

  5. Dave Evader Knives says:

    Just got around to watching, been a busy day. Thanks for the shout out, really appreciate that, glad to see it worked out. The whole heat treat before/after debate is a hard one, you either save belts & risk warps or visa versa. I decided a long time ago, to break the middle. I do bevels, but leave them thick(kinda best of both worlds). Hope all is well, thanks again, hope all is well, take it easy…

  6. MrSoloun says:

    Great little knife that looks great, the fact that you're upset about the scratches just shows the high quality you produce, but they are basically what I'd expect to see shortly after having used it, so all good.

  7. Jaredboy 007 says:

    Really nice little knife! Any concern with heat treating the blade at full 3/16 thickness and it being completely hard throughout? IIRC I've heard other makers claim 1080 isnt a very 'deep' hardening steel or something to that effect. I mostly work in stainless and send out to professional HT- even still I normally grind in rough bevels leaving it fairly thick and finish the bevels after HT.
    Also I just started using kydex and scratched a few knives too >< Kydex makes an awesome sheath but it always leaves scratches :

  8. patw999 says:

    Bummer, this is what some folks would call " A learning experience." at which point the correct reply is "KMA." or "kiss my a@#" or a simple sarcastic "Thank you." You know I'm just kidding around, right? No I'm not insecure, Ugh was that too much? I wasn't offensive was I? Gee this online stuff is tough……LOL

  9. Nick Riggi says:

    Great video tutorial as always. Every mistake we make as Knife Maker's hopefully is a lesson learned. I like that tooling arm holder that you built may have to steal that idea!

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