There's no such thing as a knife fight



There is no such thing as a knife fight There is no such thing as a knife fight. Knife fighting is cool in the movies, but not in real life- it’s more like a mutual …

21 thoughts on “There's no such thing as a knife fight

  1. Unnatural Atrophy says:

    I don't understand what the girl was doing during the attack. She was just jumping around like a free target? In my opinion you either have to run away or immediately grab and control the knife arm and don't let go of it (there is no point simply trying to avoid a blow and not trying to control the arm because they can immediately throw another blow and that's a losing game, even if you avoid one the next one can hit you) I don't understand what she was trying to do.

  2. Dante Peak says:

    In the Philippines knife fights are very common, in tondo Manila were I grow up, I saw a couples of duels, my uncle was in such a fight, he disarm his opponent then stabbed him in the heart with his butterfly knife, after that we never saw him again because he is hiding from the police, and in the province machete fights also happens

  3. Kevion Rogers says:

    I sort of agree with you because each time I had to ever disarm a homeless person or patient while working hospital security I pretty much just use my forearms to protect my head and neck while relying on my vest and clothing to protect my torso and just shoulder check them (tackle) them into a two on one until we get them into restraints. Only had one co-worker stabbed up and that's because he wrapped up (bear hugg, bodylock around the torso without controlling the arms) around the guy and took him down who then took a knife out and stabbed him in the back, shoulders, and head with a pocket knife, but didn't puncture anything vital until I was able to secure his arm and disarm him. Most times in settings when knives or syringes are involved it's because someone doesn't want to comply, so they aren't really trying to stab and run its more like clinch and stab, so basically you have to treat it like a combination of American Football and Greco-Roman and Aikido. Basically because if they have a weapon already produced then they are about to get hit with something "less than leathal" like a chair, spray, or tazer unless they already harmed someone then they are just going to be shot, but luckily we never had to shoot a patient or homeless person with a blade or syringe, the only people we had to shoot had guns themselves or were in vehicles and were ramming people and things intentionally. Most blades are going to be in the back pocket or hided behind the butt with hand behind them. Next time you try this experiment have the person have a hand behind them or weapon in pocket. When they do anything to be threatening just shoulder check them like you are playing hockey or football while protecting your neck then while they are either stumbling or on the ground then you control them if necessary do atemi waza with hammerfist or backfist. Basically if they already have a weapon produced get something to hit them with even if it's a pillow or blanket then once their weapon is out of line hit them hard and take them down.

  4. Consultores en Seguridad y Asociados says:

    Two things. Thanks for making a video that shows what it really looks like going against a knife. Even some Aikido guys I respect try and make videos about defending against a knife. It’s not going to happen. So thanks.
    Second point. Is Maya or Josh going to do some videos on techniques? I would love to see them in straight up instructor mode. Love to see that.

  5. Mathew Chandler says:

    You are basically saying things like Arnis and Silat which derived over hundreds of years don't work because of your limited knowledge of knife training, I trained in Aikijujutsu for five years, and the knife defense techniques are really basic, we mixed in Silat and the knife defense improved dramatically, I have train in Arnis for a little over two years and already definitely would try defend myself against a knife if I had to

  6. Tim Strackbein says:

    Haven't had a chance to watch this one yet, but I used to teach some knife fighting even though I am woefully unqualified. But one of the first things I teach is what I was taught: how to get cut. I like Crafty's way of putting it: in a knife fight you have three possible outcomes. If you're that much better than your opponent, you live. If you are not, and are approximately equal, you are both going to likely have life-altering injuries. If your opponent is that much better than you, then you won't even be able to take them with you.

    Occasionally, this would be met with doubt, because inevitably there was some reason why this student was "that good." I would then recommend they go home, get a white shirt, take the cap off a marker, hand it to a five year old, and then try to take it back from them.

    If you can't get a marker out of a five year olds hands without getting marked up, what hope do you have against a Todd?

  7. Corey Edmundson says:

    Great stuff as always. Thank you 🙂
    I would like to add- I have had a gun pointed at me right after someone else was shot, on another occasion I had a gun held to my head. For some reason when a knife is presented to me I actually worry more than when the guns were pointed at me. I really hate knives.

  8. elijah hatcher says:

    I disagree, there's many types of fights and I don't think not being able to block or stop an attack disqualifies an engagement from being a fight. Two men standing in the street trading punches, just beating on each other still will classify as a fight, therefore knife fighting is a fight just on another level. When a knife is involved things can be very ugly, and in close quarters a knife can be scarier than a gun.

  9. gingercore69 says:

    Some places in argentina still have knife duels… One of the strategies is to cut at the wrist of the attacker… If you do it deep enough, you cut the tendon, if that happen they WILL drop their knife… Another one is to use your poncho or jacket to block the knife an cut at the guts… And then get some distance… That way, if they chase they spill their own guts because they are open and moving… Another one is to trip/sweep and finish them on the ground… Im not a knife duelist, but i have a friend who has some experience and almost no scars other than his arms or face…

    Im happy i dont live in a place like that anymore…

  10. CaptPostmod says:

    Is it worth mentioning that in the revenge fantasies often used to sell martial arts to people—the idea that a thug approaches you on the street for your wallet and you're going to keep him from getting it—that you should mostly assume this thug has a knife or something similar on their person?

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