19 thoughts on “TheCombat KnifeThrower Part 2 “Killer Instincts”

  1. Keenan Glover says:

    I purchased a set of throwing knives that had a little hole on the "handle" so for fun i tied a string to it. I discovered that with a string on the end of it (not sure what length) you can just throw the knife any way and it will stick in due to the weight in the back, Im assuming this would be a flaw in that it obviously slows it down. Also, I found a technique where I spin the knife in circles by my side clockwise and release at a certain point and the blade would go perfectly into the target, this works for both close up and range.

    Also, the string could be used for close combat to grapple.

  2. TiconderogaNumber2 says:

    i am a knife thrower on day one. i bought a set of 3 cheapos. after an hour of looking pretty silly i was sticking 4 of 5 throws in a ok grouping. at i think 1/2 and full turn. at what point do i change to a better knife/random distance/instinctive style to develop my self defence mindset? thanks for any advice.

  3. Robert Bentley says:

    Rc this might be my favorite vid of yours simply nc you show the variation of unmarked distances and your narration is very well spoken and written. I've watched you mature over the years to quite the professional thrower.

  4. Diebulfrog79 says:

    Where the question, Can you draw the weapon out of sheath, aim and toss the knife at a certain point? Most of the time, you are not in the ready position. But either walking or working form.

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