in this video we train the wrist lock nikyo, lenny sly of the rogue warriors training compound. Teaches how to do combative concepts to Dana, watch how she …

49 thoughts on “THE WRIST LOCK THAT WILL BREAK YOUR SHIT! Combative Concepts Nikyo

  1. Walter Williams says:

    Most people don't realize that Aikido was originally a form of martial combat for the Samurai of feudal Japan. It was not until the grand master Morihei Uyeshiha cams to the conclusion that you don't have to destroy your opponents to defeat them.

  2. DERWIN ROUTH says:

    I like your Technique but used to be a full contact Shotokan and Kempo full-contact street fighter And your attitude that you show shows me that you think your a little bit better than you are. No offense but there is no one on this planet that can't be beaten but I do like your style and partially your attitude. I am learning quite a bit from you I just wish you would show it a little bit slower and more simplified

  3. alexzander sharif. J_art says:

    i do say one thing that move does work but not every move works trust me ik oh i watch martial arts videos because there are some real scams out there also some shit just looks ridiculous bro not urs ur shit is alright but i see some flaws

  4. Dean Winter says:

    If you want to learn to fight do Krav, Gracie bjj or MMA. If you want to learn self defence and to not harm your attacker then Aikido might be worth while. When people have attacked me the last thing I wanted to do was punch them, and I say this after practicing boxing from 5 years old upto my late 20s. What I did do was Ikkyo, kotegaesh or Sankyo. I couldn't beat the shit out of folks with this but could definitely defend myself. This is probably why there are no Aikido fight videos as the Aikido guy will always walk away and avoid trouble. I say this but I have fond memories of my early days sparking bad guys out with a nice combination of punches 😉

  5. James Schrang says:

    It is quite evident you know your material, but your mouth is not impressive. You are a professional and as such can get your lethal message out without sounding like an uneducated moron. Trust me it is a turn-off. As a combat paratrooper veteran (Vietnam/Cambodia) and retired FDNY Paramedic I know you can do better. Thank you and God bless.

  6. Billy Beatle says:

    No one never tends to grab someone arms or wrist in a real fight. I had many and everyone tends to through punches and there's always resistence. Show technics of such. Like when one tackles like a foot ball player. Or avoid jabs. I'm a biker and former Army Airborne Ranger … I know

  7. John King says:

    very helpful vs untrained opponent/typical self-defense situation…wouldn't do this in a ring vs a equal size opponent though …theres a reason why you don't see them use it in MMA often….i'm a fan of wrist locks…very good submission i just personally never felt the risks out weighed the reward…in a ring.

    i personally…wouldn't fight with anyone on the street…you don't know their experience…how they fight (weapon or not) and alot of factors…if anything…and i had to fight to defend myself…i'd be pretty cheap and wait for them to throw a punch and throw a snake strike at their throat…no human of any size would be able to fight after getting hit in the throat with a snake strike…won't kill them more than likely aswell….prob fuck up their vocal cords though….unless you have a viscous snake strike…then you might kill them.

  8. Richard D says:

    I have never seen these moves work in real time. .Training wise they are solid.But a few nigerians on a rampage at a club .TYou fucked tying to dance with them.You must get them to the ground..BJJ training wins

  9. charles bentley says:

    Another excellent demo brother, "shake and bake at the J.C. lingerie section" LOL!! I love it!! Preach on my brother, thank you for showing me these excellent techniques, I have begun to teach my daughter and my wife who has MS is discovering she CAN be very powerful and effective…osss!!!

  10. Greg Ruddell says:

    This instructor is so focused, clear, and intelligent.
    He pointed out critical nuances that you would never have noticed or considered unless you possessed his knowledge and practical experience. Those things that he zoomed in on improved the effectiveness of the technique as he stated "one hundred fold" and he explained it so well. Having exceptional skills in any area of knowledge or discipline is one thing. But being able to effectively convey that or pass it on to others is a rare talent.

  11. Mr.P says:

    Can anyone recommend an art of self defense for a 55 year old veteran, i'm about 5'4" a christian and people always seem to want to F with me. I started to carry for that reason but sometimes, especially in a crowd, I fear to pull it out. BTW I live and work in the Detroit area. I've subscribed.

  12. adobePC says:

    That is awesome if someone willingly extends their arm to you. The problem in real life is you might get knocked out before you can even apply the techniques you are demonstrating. Your attacker in this demo is attacking with open palms as opposed to a clenched fist. You also know they are only trying to grab your arm as opposed to punching you in the mouth or kicking you in the ribs.

  13. It Guy says:

    Great videos, Great Instructional technique, I wish there were more instructors of your caliber especially in my area. I like your emphasis on safety when training. I am 52 with an 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter ( no retirement for me lol ).
    I am searching for the right training school in my area that has the same values and beliefs as yours but I am pretty sure i am SOL .. y'all are one of a kind awesome.

  14. Dave M says:

    Psalm 144King James Version (KJV)

    144 Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

    2 My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me

  15. Janie Meiser says:

    Hey Lenny, I would like to thank you for confirming that a woman can do the techniques as long as they are done correctly and that we can get hurt in the groin area as well. I have been teaching for years and have been preaching the same thing and always get some asshole saying that women are weak and can't do shit! well in a normal circumstance this is true however when you have a person who has proper technique and knows what they are doing it works no matter the body type or gender. Some times I think you are a little harsh in your speech BUT! I really like what you are doing!! can't wait to see what's next.

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