The Worst Pain Ever – HARDEN BONE KUNG FU

Building extreme pain tolerance with harden bone kung fu. Please do not try this at home without an experienced professional. In this blog article, we will talk …

37 thoughts on “The Worst Pain Ever – HARDEN BONE KUNG FU

  1. Mc Cc says:

    You idiots….next the arthritis will set in. You will suffer for life the agony of reflex sympathetic dystrophy. You will not enjoy prednisone, methadone, oxy this and that, lyrica, and of course methotrexate which is for cancer pain but whatever. One day you will look in the mirror and think "wtf was I thinking letting that homo run my shin like that?" Folks there is no such thing as bone hardening. There is however something real called pain threshold training. The brain and central nervous system don't enjoy such massfukery so one day the brain will unless a fury that has no twin. You will beg to be set on fire just to differentiate the nerve pain from the fire pain. The fire pain will be enjoyable. Ok, I'm going to stop here though I am available for advice.

  2. KEEVVY says:

    You know why most shaolin & kung fu masters walk with a stick when they aged, because they damage theyre bones when they where younger, you won’t fell it you will fell powerfull like tong po, but afther 5-10years you will realise that the damage done to your body can’t be undone

  3. S.R. Starbird says:

    interesting. But have you ever kicked a steel leg of a king bed, were it destroyed your little toe nail, before it went between your toes and about ripped your little toe off?
    How about tripped on stairs made of steel bar grating with the front edge notched like teeth cutting into your shin, and then while the doctor was cleaning it she folds the skin flap back slides the skin on your shine up and down, then say "oh, look (you look) you can see the bone!"
    And last, have you ever passed a kidney stone? some women say it's worse than having a baby. haha

  4. raggaeldestro says:

    This the be a man exercise of the century. Talking about testing your pain threshold without serious injury. I tried doing something like this when I seen that Jean Claude Van Damme movie. I kicked a tree 30mins a day for 2 days. The third day I tried to walk and fell on my face. My mom thought I was crazy after I told her why I couldn’t walk and forbid me from doing it again.

  5. John Smyth says:

    Once again I find myself being the wet blanket and warning against the almost inevitable arthritis that floors these guys later in life. Also, adrenaline will take you through great pain in a fight where you are in fear of injury or death.

  6. 1 Kingdom says:

    You do realize you are Harding the bone unevenly. Your are making more points. It will be better gradually on sand bags. What this does quickly though is deaden the nerves.

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