The Worst Advice in Martial Arts Training



Want to hear the worst advice in martial arts training? You’ve already heard it a million times. Let’s hope this is the LAST time! 😀 ▻Click here to buy Ando a …

18 thoughts on “The Worst Advice in Martial Arts Training

  1. TheDexp says:

    It's strange. When I was told to relax in our dojo, this advice was always very concrete – put your shoulders down (so it would be possible to relax shoulder muscles), don't look down – only forward (so it would be possible to relax neck muscles), keep your back straight (so it would be possible to relax your back) – keep correct body position and concentrate your attention on your muscles, try to relax those muscles, that are not needed to keep your current posture. It can't be achieved right away, but when you try to implement these principles while doing the technique – eventually you get that relaxed condition. The same thing I explain to newcomers when I train with them, and it works. Not sure if this advice is applicable outside dojo:)

  2. Kaden Popp says:

    Hey Sensei Ando! I need to ask you a question. What's your opinion on Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Tiger+Crane+Viper+Mantis+Monkey style Kung Fu, and shootfighting?(Because I'm trying get the skill I need to spare with my big brother who studied MMA, Judo, Wrestling and Boxing).

  3. Galerie Lüder says:

    Very good. I heard about a bandleader coaching his bandmates to keep tension. To keep that exitement with fokus on happy performance. To have the heat flowing by good breathing and propper willing and aggression did help me a lot. Its a kind of balance I guess. Of course in a fight of dead or alive its strange to give any advice that can work for shure to make someone survive. As You say, keep on fighting for a happy life is always good I guess. Even for the next life.

  4. Silas Ash says:

    I tell my JKD and Muay Thai students to BREATHE correctly. Exhale with each strike and defensive move. That always helps them to ease the shoulder and antagonistic arm muscles so they can punch and kick effectively. It helps them relax, not like at a spa, but to effectively extend and recoil.

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