"The World of Knife Defense is Packed with the Dumbest Techniques in all of Martial Arts"



The world of knife defense is packed with the dumbest techniques in all of martial arts. Maybe…or maybe such an observation may be flawed to begin with.

32 thoughts on “"The World of Knife Defense is Packed with the Dumbest Techniques in all of Martial Arts"

  1. Paul Singer says:

    Knife defense.. 1; systema ;;; 2; Filipino fma 3; krav 4 silat… or perhaps over 100 years of military use is bullshit and never been a in a real knife fight trav knows better. and I'll put whatever Travis is doing at the bottom of the list. he trained at my school .. was never impressed with him or his condescending disrespectful comments

  2. Stephen Bradford says:

    "foundation building" is a nice way of saying, "we know it doesn't work, but it looks cool and we want to justify a way of keeping it…"

    If the other guy has a knife and you don't…you're better off practicing sprints and general athleticism. It will be far more valuable than a "flow drill."

    The dude with the goatee smokes blunts all day on IG and has zero cardio…his knife flow drills will be worthless after an adrenaline dump and his poor physical conditioning lets him down. He is far more likely to die of heart disease than succumb to a "knife fight" in the street. If he was serious about, "self-preservation" he would clean up his lifestyle and get in shape…

  3. Day Oneship says:

    Might I say that there really is no such thing as knife defense on a static level. The percentage of knife attacks that materialize by surprise is awfully high. You are going to be stabbed and slashed. Distance is your best defense.

  4. gary bragg says:

    Respect, reality of training and benift. Flow is important in everything. Increase flow you increase efficiency. Our body is only made to move in certain ways. Become efficient with your flow. Love the reality "don't forget to punch". Singular tchnique focus can very easily limit your options without realization especialy in high stress situations. Looking back at footage like why didn't I do this or that. Video has great advice cause so many others out there saying it has to be their technique endangering people. More I have learned the simpler the actions are yet are just more efficient. Advanced = multiple "simple" options with ability to link them together seemlessly. Good points taken over years: (1)Nothing ever goes as planned so be the planner (2) Train soft react soft (3) Involuntary Muscle Memory Reaction takes time on the mat not just knowing the technique don't lie to yourself (4) First option of any assualt= evade if possible. (5). Don't be there, 99% everyone gets cut. Know your vitals and limit exposure. AND Finally the simplest thing I ever took away was short pass over in a innocent/untrained class defensive situation where they could not evade. Agressor stabbing or slicing. To think of their blade as flashlight and shine it on the the strike. Sounds too simple right but last choice options and someone without any training it is actually very effective. Try it you might be surprised versus trying to block. Plus average people don't know blades or they are scared of them. They are however not scared of flashlights and easy to use. Plus it shifts the Violence trigger to something they are comfortable with. Respect. (Sorry for so long just wanted to share)

  5. Daniel C. says:

    Great points. However, I feel the need to point out that FMA is more of an exception than a rule in this case. Many systems that incorporate knife defense, such as branches of kung fu and karate, are extremely rigid and pattern-based, and I think that FightSmartTrav is right about the all-encompassing "world" of knife defense being filled, overall, with stupid techniques that could get people killed. Nonetheless, as long as students of violence remain skeptical yet open-minded, there are still useful techniques and concepts to be found.

  6. Gus Jackson says:

    There is no reliable defense against a knife. Don’t count on an of it. Avoidance is the most realistic option. If you are ever cornered by an assailant with a knife don’t spar. Instead strike to do serious and immediate damage.

  7. Julien Watkins says:

    You are awesome and so is Jared.
    I have been watching you for.. like 10years?
    But I can't help but notice how much FMA has changed to look more and more like what Maul Mornie from SSBD has been teaching.
    I started with balintawak.

  8. WildXNature says:

    Soldiers don't get injured in training???? You haven't been in the service obviously. Have you ever seen what kind of training a Navy Seal goes through. Did you know more soldiers were injured in training than in combat? I think not.

  9. Selvam Pillai says:

    Awesome video and off course it's an honor to training with such persons who's always comes up with new tactics according to the situations is appreciated. these drills helps to develop awareness and making sure with movement is important. Thank you GN for such video and Funker family love and respect for you all.

  10. 636racer says:

    thank you for making this video & yes i saw that guy’s video but i never watched his solution i just saw red flags for he need the viewer to sign up to his program to learn more

  11. Geoffrey Fletcher says:

    Very glad that someone did a video addressing the limited viewpoints of other arts and tactics used in their ad as a selling point and marketing tool. Then example they show in their add is meant to be utilized in a very specific context, where one is being threatened by an attacker with a blade, but not actually attacking yet. Thus it's success relies on both the element of surprise used by the defender having an already hands raised position (which might be assumed as a natural fear reaction to having a knife shoved suddenly into their face to intimidate) and the attacker attitude of overconfidence due to having a weapon and feeling at that point in control. That defense shown was never meant to defend against the attacker doing wild stabs.

  12. 2nd Amendment says:

    Flow drills well done are a valuable source knowledge. Keep in mind someone with edge weapons skills will cut you before it dawns on you that he had a knife. Cut tendons first then eviscerate.

  13. Christopher Dean says:

    Every time I see that Ad I think what he's saying is crappie and you just proved my point @Funkertactical…Kali eliminates the errors that guy was talking about (in my opinion)…so thank you so much for this video…kudos to ya

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