The Witcher’s Fighting Style EVALUATED

I have promised a while ago that I would have made a video evaluation of the fighting and combat style of the main character of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, and …

27 thoughts on “The Witcher’s Fighting Style EVALUATED

  1. Minirock says:

    Dear Metatron, I think polearms aren't popular in the world of gaming because they would cause really difficult issues to balance the game. By balancing, I mean the balance that makes the gameplay look "fair". You know, this rule that says "If you have an advantage somewhere, you must have an equally high drawback". With swords and axes, it was kind of easy: axes deal more damage but are slower. And the ranges of those weapons look quite similar in game.
    Well ok bows have a huge range. But as soon as ennemies get into hand-to-hand combat range, they become useless (I'm still talking from a gameplay point of view here).

    But a pole arm? Huge range, descent speed and huge damages… Would be quite hard to balance a game with such gear in it…
    Maybe that's why in the Elder Scrolls series the only polearm-like weapons we get are staffs that throw magic projectiles. Notice you can never use them as melee weapons, they only shoot projectiles.

    And the only games I've seen so far where polearms were involved where non-action RPGs with either turn-based battle, active time battle (which is basically turn-based but with a time limit to choose your attack), or real time battle with recovery time management (like in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft).
    And I think it is because it is more possible to make believe polearms don't have those advantages when you see a scripted scene with a character wielding daggers successfully attacking a character who uses a polearm head on.

    But if an action RPG were you actually perform the attacks on spot using the commands, and moving around in real time, it would be difficult to make a character with a longsword attack an NPC with polearm successfully without having the player thinking "Nah! Impossible!".

  2. Porky InSpace says:

    I just to have a long hair… I was growing them for 7-8 years but now I am back to short and miss them a bit, but I was not taking care and they got weak… Anyway its so hard to grow them back because the transition period is so annoying. How long (time wise) do you have yours ?

  3. Laurence Martin says:

    Polearms don't get added because to add them you have to code a whole new set of movement actions for them. Hack slash games like skyrim ten to avoid addind extra mechanics, so they just re-use them and change the angle a bit and swap out the equipment.

  4. uomosenzanomo says:

    Lets not forget that witchers are like Jedi, superior speed and strength that allow them to do things twice as fast, for example, a slower but more powerful attack for us is a normal and effective one for Geralt

  5. Tiffany Fichtenbaum says:

    He uses both physical and magic attacks ..hence his signs …I quick Aaard can push back a monster giving enough time to rebound . And yes in the game you can embue the swords with runes to enchance the sword and depending on the monster gerald would use oils as a poison to further weaken monsters .
    ..the man comes prepared

  6. Cliven Longsight says:

    The video fails IMMEDIATELY.
    The Witcher series is pretty much the definition of low fantasy:
    The world is not consistant of beautiful allegories, but is a mundane, dirty, muddy, sh1t-filled place that just happens to have magic and freakish creatures.
    Geralt actually has to consider economic matters, a lot, yet bookkeeping has no place in high fantasy.
    Geralt is not a perfect paragon of virtue, as he drinks hard, curses, whores it up, and just has questionable morality, at times.
    Witcher is low fantasy, bordering on sci-fi. It even sometimes gets classified "sci fi".

    It is a series aimed very deliberately at being low fantasy.

    I realize Metatron is probably going off the original definition of high fantasy (long since abandoned) which was basically that it just either has magic and/or it's not on Earth, but that's pretty much a bvllshit definition, since no fantasy book, movie, or show, ever, has been low fantasy, going by that definition.

  7. Belial1125 says:

    So one thing i always wondured about, if your native language is something different then your native language do you think in your native while speaking the different language

  8. armin harper says:

    why dou think HEMA is the best form of martial arts when it comes to fighting with swords? there are MANY different fighting styles(with weapons) in the world why do u think the European one is the best? European armies weren't the most dominant ones until the discovery of muskets.

  9. Cyhyraeth says:

    I just discovered your channel (thanks to YT algorithm connecting Vikings with it and Skallagrim). I think it should have hundreds times more subscribers, I'm spreading the news about מטטרו channel wherever I can, it's great. Also "Metaraon", a form of a name of The King of Angels was my former nickname.

    As to "The Witcher" series of games: it is based on a series of short stories and cycle of five novels from Andrzej Sapkowski, iconic for polish fantasy fans. I think they recently managed to finish the english translation, the italian one is ready for sure.

    It is really a travestation of fantasy, such as Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, Sapkowski was inspired strongly by another writer – Sienkiewicz (the "Quo vadis" author, Literrary Nobel Prize 1905), who took the model of historical novel from Walter Scott, oh, and Kurosawa's films have strong influence on Sapkowski too, and western movies with Clint Eastwood,
    blah-blah, not very interesting, I know,
    but if you have some spare time…

    Sapkowski wrote also some sort of historical novel, but his "Hussite Trilogy" is a bit fantasy, with jewish and slavic magic – great books telling of late medieval times in central Europe. A bit Chaucer, a bit Villon, strongly recommended for a fan of medieval.

  10. Devin Cassaday says:

    another possible reason for not having polearms is aesthetics. You wouldn't really be able to carry it on your back like a lot of other weapons(even though that's also not realistic) because you wouldn't be able to walk through doors, caves, corridors and such without glitching it through.

  11. Putrid says:

    About the confusing monsters thing. Yeah, it might sound a bit out there, but in the books, it's actually explained that Geralt actually does twirls and other acrobatics in an attempt to confuse the monsters. Some of the monsters in question are actually more intelligent than they appear to be, like the striga he fights in The Witcher.

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