The Unravelling 1: Defining The Enemy



Join the conversation on Twitter/Instagram: @jockowillink @martyrmade Jocko and Darryl Cooper discuss the “beginnings” of the war on terror.

38 thoughts on “The Unravelling 1: Defining The Enemy

  1. basscataz says:

    Doing the good work guys. One question I would love to ask someone as experienced as Jacko is this question –
    I'm sure that I am not the only person who has noticed the conspicuous absense of radical islamic activity in the West over the last 6 years. Why? I'm sure they are still there. I can't help but feel that if I were them I'd lay back and wait for all of the political turmoil to continue to weaken the enemy. Any attacks could potentially wake us up from our self-induced propaganda stupor and unite us. What are your thoughts?
    I pray that you are on YouTube etc for many years.

  2. Teddy BAD B0Y says:

    Respectfully I disagree. They are humans. Humans are capable of incomprehensible evil. But they’re still human and so are you. That capacity for evil lives within every human being and it’s important to always remember that.

  3. Tau Ceti says:

    As a Scientist/Nerd, I used to be really judgmental of the "Jocks"/Meatheads and thought they were "Primitive Savages" who were duped by the politicans.
    This podcast has really opened my mind to how ignorant, and just blatantly wrong I was.
    I now have incredible admiration and respect for all Military personnel.

    After all the stories I've heard of you describing the enemy,
    It really made me realize how fucking lucky and spoiled I was to live in a land of Freedom and resent the people who provide me that.
    I'm truly grateful for these incredible men and woman who take it on them risking life and limb to protect ungrateful turds like me.

    I've been humbled and even been inspired by it to reach new goals.
    It's a whole new motivation for me.
    I used to get mad and angry at problems I wouldn't understand.

    Now every struggle is GOOD.
    It gives me a better chance to improve so that the next time I can annihilate the problem, and the "discipline insurgents" with precision, and alacrity.

  4. HandFedMole says:

    Yep. I definitely don't disagree with the sentiment of these two guys on this topic, and I am someone that definitely didn't want us in Iraq at all. Should have let dudes like Jocko run the war.

  5. Zero Day says:

    I really appreciate you sharing some of the gruesome details that normally get skipped over. I think it's important to understand the level horror, terror, and everyday violence these Animals inflicted upon their people.

  6. Guy onInternet says:

    I think it depends on the media we ingest. Dexter Filkins and other reporters went into great detail about the war, the factions and their levels of violence. Frontline on PBS then contextualized the known reporting into some outstanding 2 hour long documentaries that dig into the origins of ISIS, the sectarian violence from neighborhood to neighborhood that compounded. There are several of them but here's a more recent one from 2016:

  7. Jon Reese says:

    I'm kinda thinking, whether or not there were WMD, if you have the sons of the leader of Iraq feeding their own citizens into wood chippers when they're done abusing them, we needed to roll that country up like a carpet to shake the fleas out. I have no regrets for going there, other than the cost in blood and treasure that we had to spend in order to get it done.. It irritates me that the US has to be the world's policeman, because the rest of the world turns a blind eye to evil.

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