The Ultimate Knife Review – 599 FOX Karambit Black G10 Fighting Knife Emerson Wave

Read about this knife, did some research, found one used and bought one new. I give my opinion of the knife. Below is a link to their site and more videos about …

41 thoughts on “The Ultimate Knife Review – 599 FOX Karambit Black G10 Fighting Knife Emerson Wave

  1. sae1095hc says:

    The problem with buying knives at gunshows or ebay is that the chinese cloners have gotten really good at copying expensive knives and unscrupulous sellers will sell a $15 knockoff for almost retail prices.

    Knockoffs like this:;searl|3245656388

    Knockoff of the trainer for $16:;searl|3265081293

  2. AntonKolesnyk says:

    Thanks Rick! I'm going to buy my first karambit, and I'll likely buy this one. I like the opening method. I currently carry Ti-Lite, the opening principle is very similar.
    P.S.: I'm a big time listener of your cop stories. I didn't know you do knife reviews as well. Many thanks and cheers!

  3. RicTic66 says:

    Yay Smokie! I love videos where the owners puss cat joins in, I was watching an English guy napping a flint axe and his two puss cats came to help. Puss cats are great friends 🙂

  4. Lone Wolf says:

    Very nice knife. I live in good old Wv. Always been open carry, and police will not mess with you. Then they did away with Concealed Carry permits. Then, I got into neck knives. And for the hell of it I looked up knife laws in Wv. You could drive a tank through the knife laws here. It appears anything spring assisted is a No No. My Wv. knife conclusion is this: You would be better off being a convicted felon, caught with a gun, than to get caught with a spring assisted knife, or switch blade. I can carry 5 guns on me, but not a concealed neck knife. makes all the sense in the world. I guess the Hillbilly has to draw the line somewhere?

  5. TTplinker says:

    Just in case someone is interested… I just bought this knife for $130 from BladeHQ dot com. Rick, if this knife is not FREAKIN AWESOME! …you're going to hear about it.

  6. John Doe says:

    Was trained in kickboxing/defense by an old friend who did his military service as a Marine Recon in Vietnam. He had, and still has, a love of knives and it has rubbed off on me. With that I will say (owning an Emerson Karambit and recently ordering a Fox 599XT) that I agree with what this gentleman says. I have been looking for a knife that is effective, easy and quick to deploy, and augments the blocking/strike techniques I have learned (over and over and over and over…nevermind). If you really want to know how to handle the knife and yourself find a good instructor and/or a partner and PRACTICE!!!! When the s*** hits the fan you will truly have an edge.

  7. Calilaker CAGLS says:

    Before owning the 479 Fox Karambit I carried Spydercos like the Police model, Harpy, etc. I think it's the best defensive knife out, quicker deployment than a switch blade, great retention, the ring can be used as an impact weapon like a single "brass knuckle" when closed. Many owners will sand the G10 panels smooth under the clip so the texture doesn't hinder deployment. With any defensive weapon you have to practice with it so it becomes muscle memory and I use the same deployment technique where you tilt the wave perpendicular to your pocket.

  8. Mark Poole says:

    Like the knife, but wondering if you could test the liner lock durability? Use a 2×4 and knock the backside of the blade on the 2×4 numerous times with force. One of the problems with the liner lock design is a back cut or scuffle that causes the backside of the blade to have resistance can unlock and the blade comes back on your fingers. That's my only hesitation about purchasing this design.

  9. dAbSpUr 1882 says:

    I live in England where obviously ur not allowed to carry guns around to protect urself but that knife looks perfect as a lightweight portable object to guarantee ur safety! plus I like the way that by holding it the way you do it's not a stabbing motion but a slashing motion which is far less likely to actually kill someone! end of the day even if I'm protecting myself from a mugger who's out to rob my money even if it means busting Me up a bit I still don't really want some idiots death on my conscience cus ppl can do stupid things wen desperate! I also think that it wud be a great anti rape tool for women walking around by themselves as more than anything it wud probably shock the fuck out of the potential rapist if he grabbed a woman and nxt thing he knows he's got a screaming woman going crazy with that in her hand! bad day to be a rapist!

  10. Alonso Picado says:

    Nice Video dude the knife looks great but how about you make another video on your progress training in pekiti tirsia kali or some other martial art because a weapon is useless unless you know how to use it.
    is the same with guns you need to train to become skilled!

  11. ChristofferEricsater says:

    It is such a short blade, and very thin, would this not get caught up in people's clothes, jackets, thick pants etc. very easily??

    and then you are in problem having a knife that did not do anything to the person but getting caught in his pants? Sure if someone were dressed very lightly.. but Still when slicing with such a short blade it feels as if the knuckles of your hand would get in the way when reaching the other person and you just hit them with your knuckles than with that short blade?
    Perhaps I am wrong, but it does look like an issue to me, let me know the cons you see of this knife as well.
    Thanks for a nice video, hope the cat caught the mouse!

  12. TacProductReviewer says:

    My man, the knife does NOT cost $18 to $20 to ship and no you don't have to pay for insurance. In fact the knife costs $12.95 to ship and they fully insure it. Also that's the reason why you get it within 2 to 5 days, because they use USPS Priority Mail so you get it quicker. I guess $12.95 doesn't sound too bad now, does it?

  13. fred a says:

    Looks like a great piece so I just ordered one. Could you explain when it would be legal to pull it in self defense? Would it be the same as for a firearm(AOJ)??? How about when using it as an impact weapon??

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