The Types and Advantages of Soft Qigong (Yoga vs. Qigong)



Learn about Jiang Yu Shan’s travels in India, the differences between yoga and qigong and hard fighting style of qigong in this new blog article …

19 thoughts on “The Types and Advantages of Soft Qigong (Yoga vs. Qigong)

  1. VAHVA Fitness says:

    Learn about Jiang Yu Shan's travels in India, the differences between yoga and qigong and hard fighting style of qigong in this new blog article ➞

    We just did a long almost 2 hour video call with the master discussing various topics related to Yoga and Qigong. This is a small clip from the video call where Jiang Yu Shan explains the types and advantages of soft qigong. The full video call (nearly 2 hours) has already been uploaded to the Warrior Neigong community (members only).

    * Jiang Yu Shan’s travels in India
    * The origins of qigong and yoga
    * The six powers (shaktis) all yogis need to have
    * How in the West you cannot find either real yoga or real qigong
    * Types and benefits of different qigong
    * How Shaolin temple no longer has the real thing
    * Enlightenment, longevity, occult knowledge and a lot more

    We will likely upload more short clips in the following weeks because the discussion got very interesting.

  2. Slaughtherhead says:

    Maybe you’re already familiar with the Shaolin Temple Europe. There is a master called Shi Heng Yi who’s aproach and concerns are very similar to his. I was there a few times and you should definitely check them out.

  3. Gieszkanne says:

    That is not wrong at all. Its the approach of many Chinese teachers to not talk about chi.Exactly at the beginning. You should discover it on your own. Its more western to talk about it and put theory in it.

  4. Michele P says:

    Mmmmh, if that's qigong, i'm already doing it but call it mediterranean maenad tai-chi. I should write my own manual how to simplify dance.Disagree with the long episodes of slow movement in silence as it's not true to the nature of the chi-serpent that coils-relaxs-coils-relaxs etc.. So practise should be one of barely moving stillness with breath or boil-coiling 8's like an octopus [ 4xlimbs +2xknees+2elbows=8// 9 for the neck because we have a bigger brain !] Anything in between, spontaneous flowing Heel to Pineal. up and down the spine divine. The hips are ape-hips in a cube. Arms/torso trace out a 360 rotation as Wings, serpents, fumes or leaping feline paws, or any animal you imagine on the astral planes that appears to guide your movenats.Always return to geometry , it's really one twist after another in geometric angles, as the break-dancing does. Pull chi upwards with arms preferably under a big blue sky. Your arms wings/fins also waft/ recycle chi back into the body as figures of 8 in your nervous system/joints.
    Remember you can develop magnets in your wrists and ankles. The fastest way to feel magnetic chi is by using small weights and to go dance-walking. The weights will exaggerate gravity and mimic how qigong feels if you developed it.
    …..up&down, side to side, forward back….these 3 movements in sequence or 'altogether' rock the pineal eye like a crib into a gnostic state…..i think music is important because it occupys the mind when all it has to do is follow one note after another. Rather than follow the compulsive thoughts we tend make up like chattering monkees. Compile and collate music that moves and inspires your qigong. I also disagree with abstract new age muzac types of relaxation muzac. Aye-Void. Go searching, You-Tube has marvellous 20th century archives in all genres. There are repetitive hypnotic beats out there that help you consolidate new meridians

  5. André Periquito says:

    I understand this is true, most offerings are devoid of content, but besides criticising them, what exactly do you add to the conversation? Just more empty words! Would be nice if you tried to convey the real thing or articulate it for our understanding, or saying something about it more than just saying what others lack!

  6. Moodymongul says:

    imo – my issues are more with words like Chi and Meridians. No matter how you frame them (and in martial arts circles the concepts behind them, as explained to the public, have continually changed over the years), modern science has looked at the concepts and found them sorely lacking (in credibility).  
    Even after practitioners then attempt to mesh the two schools of thought together, modern science research (that is peer reviewed etc) has continued to cast valid doubt on the subject.
    And supporters of Chi can only point to increases in body temp (to claim that is Chi), rather then what science says (that the person is burning body fat and that causes the temourature increase not 'Chi' or meridians – Ala Tumo Mediation). And, there is a little 'self hypnosis' in there as well (a hypnagogic state) 
    There have been many good studies done over the years (that are peer reviewed), I would advise people search all of them out.  
    You may find there are better ways to achieve your goals, other than old methods of 'Chi cultivation' 😉

  7. cshony says:

    at 5:17 in my opinion, those are not true qigong "masters". I have been with a real master for many years. I have been taught and self taught meridians and points… and much more I will not elaborate on. Much respect

  8. Vitriolearth says:

    I wish I could see the entire video. Listening to the Master explain the differences between yoga and qigong reminds me of my training back in the 1990s. We stood still, learned how stretching affects the meridians, breath percentage practices, isolating and then connecting the muscles of the whole body- I can contract my forearm while my hand, bicep and triceps stays relaxed. Qigong to "fill" up the muscles through breathing and mentally directed exercises. Lastly, to the person complaining about making a profit- people have to eat and pay bills. Nothing wrong with these guys making money. When I'm able, I plan on joining because I miss the taste of the real deal. ❤❤❤

  9. Morning Run says:

    I’ve done chi-gung and yoga for many years. I’ve benefited a great deal from both. Both have their advantages. I recommend both. Both actually help the other. You just have to find the real stuff versus the fake or watered down shit. In the end, everything is energy work.

  10. Christoph Muchsel says:

    I respect your knowledge! And i beleve you are write with what you are saying.
    I just cant get away from the feeling that you want to make profit with making other styles bad. But sometimes feelings can be wrong, right (-;
    For sure you are not in need of this kind of energy. Our world is in big need of love and peace .
    Greedings from Austria

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