The Throwing Knife Takedown – Realistic or Ridiculous?



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42 thoughts on “The Throwing Knife Takedown – Realistic or Ridiculous?

  1. Durzo says:

    I'm disappointed that he only talked about throwing knives into the head. I was hoping he'd address what I constantly see in movies: the hero throwing a knife, it plunges into the enemy's chest and he goes down like a sack of potatoes.
    From what I've read so far, there's not a hope in hell of it getting through the rib cage and it'll bounce off. In soft tissue: probably goes in a couple inches and fall out.
    Even the show Vikings showed Ivaar killing soldiers by throwing knives. Give me a break!

  2. Andy Panda says:

    Yo! Shallagrim, think thrown knife more for disconcerting an opponent or hampering prior to attack. Want to kill? Native Americans used a throwing stick for hunting, does neat damage to watermelon in a vid I saw (some survivalist vid watched out of curiosity). A thrown axe like the tomahawk would be more apt to take down. Can use for hunting if You're quick.

  3. Alex Janoher says:

    dont only count the immediate damage but also internal bleeding, i mean there is a fucking knife in your skull. not a doctor but pretty sure you will die after getting a knife stabbed into your brain

  4. Draugr says:

    Before I forget it, in some show they shot a ball baring with a powerful slingshot at a human skull or someting alike. The steel ball didn’t penetrate the scull. So knife thrue eye is probably imposible and with the knife spinning no way it will do more damade than take out the eye.

    But what would work 100% for real is if you…..

    how stupid do you think I am? No chance in hell that I'll going to tell you!
    gfy you wannabe lustmurderer

  5. Ivan Dovranić says:

    0:30 if only censure could be dealt with so easily.:)
    Ontopic, without watching the entire video, I'll say that I consider this trope 99% unrealistic but, movies and video games being in a way the extension of storytelling traditions, which never aspired for realism, I can accept them on that ground. (Until they truly go overboard with absurdity, that is.) Same with guns.

  6. Dullahan Black says:

    Hopefully someone making a zombie movie / show sees this , would change things drastically especially if they use zombie movies actually existing on these worlds. Like the walking dead where they just stab or wack any wear on the head and they die , would be cool to see it get back up

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