The Taxman Of Macintyres Underworld: Brian Cockerill Part 2 | True Crime Podcast 111



Watch part 1 here: Brian Cockerill …

35 thoughts on “The Taxman Of Macintyres Underworld: Brian Cockerill Part 2 | True Crime Podcast 111

  1. Nelly Chaz says:

    Really enjoyed this. Shaun and Wildman were enjoying the stories and laughing, I feel the James English interview James was struggling to keep a straight face. Just enjoy the stories, Brian is an awesome storyteller, exaggerated or not

  2. Jamesy Balboa says:

    Why is there a man making noise and moving around his hands no one can understand them two weird guys with shaun that big man sitting next to him making all the weird noises to the other big strange aggressive guy that can't make out his own words that come out of his mouth but I think that weirdman next to shaun is translating his words through heavy breathing that's shaun has not spoken for 4 hours just fake laughing and not everyone who doesn't like yous or has a laugh on your behalf is a troll like me I just have a laugh with it. as you are there to be laughed at. You no the way it is lighting up not everyone is trolls don't forget people find this funny listen to all this what else can you do when it's on for 4 hours chill out guys stop been so sensitive on the trolls talking let people have a bit of fun with it all the end of the day it is all madness on the podcasts so what do you expect

  3. alexandros agiadis says:

    Bri is sound as fuck all the mugs slagging him off wouldn’t say that to his face I’ve met him once and shook his hand keep up the videos bri I watched the videos that much I had a dream I owed him £270 I thought my mams gonna kill me haha

  4. Jimmy says:

    The leaky legs is just dropsy. Keep your legs elevated above your chest at night to aid in draining, and take that water retention medication and it will go away over time.

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