The Suffocation Drill | Instructor Zero

Instructor Zero performs a dangerous suffocation drill that should NOT be tried at home. It is extremely dangerous and may cause permanent damage or even …

43 thoughts on “The Suffocation Drill | Instructor Zero

  1. manniefresh730 says:

    You guys have the physiology wrong. Oxygen deprivation will drop your heart rate. Not Increase it. I'm not a keyboard retard. I work in an ICU. I've seen plenty of confused individuals remove their masks and drop their oxygen, followed by bradycardia. They quickly lose their conscience after that. You wont be awake long enough to shoot a gun when your heart rate is in the 40s and your oxygen saturation is in the 70%s.

  2. Holret says:

    I dont know what battlefield will have no oxygen. Maybe mars. Also, combat fatigue and vigorous running followed by holding your breath to control recoil is the closest thing to being deprived of oxygen. They are temporary and not that dangerous.
    Putting yourself at risk by putting a plastic bag over your head is downright stupid in my honest opinion and should never be attempted.

  3. Rob Caudill says:

    I really like you man, but for the love of Christ, stop this stupid excercise before we have some dead brain cells or worse. You are better than this. Act like it. You need your noggin bro..!

  4. Andrew Cooper says:

    Find out what your limits or limitations are , and transcend them. Find your limits in everything you do on a daily basis. And try to transcend the limitations of everything you do everyday. That's all have to say. Have a great day . 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. mrvaperz23 says:

    A good way to increase your breathe under movement is to walk in a pool and hold your breath while walking. Slowly increase the distance over time. I use this for spear fishing.

  6. Legio XXI Rapax says:

    A bunch of keywarrior that don't understand the importance of a good control of the body in poor oxigenation situation in a battlefield (panic attack, fight or escape situation etc etc).
    A good control of your body and your oxigenation in hard situation t's the first thing that a soldier have to learn. Oxigenation affect your way of think, your brain/body reaction response, basically everything.

  7. Gangster88232 says:

    This should be banned on youtube, drills can be used by terrorists. Onlz army should have these videos. Not for publicitz, please. Remove it. Im scared, peaceful person.Youtube is about songs, love, not about fucking guns and violence.

  8. RaylinGivens says:

    "Eeeets today eets try for to shootz zee targehts for de turd time, an today eets for my effort I try too make de sentanz dat you can understanz. Dee go-al is for to dees-tract for dee slower tinker so to think me berry goodz whenz my cree-dechalls ezzz berry thin."

  9. RaylinGivens says:

    Geez! What a weirdo. The guy has no credentials yet so many are jumping on his bandwagon like he's Rambo himself. He doesn't even have the basics down and you guys are mesmerized by his flash. 

    He should try to grasp Jeff Cooper's 4 rules of gun safety first, then get back to me. 

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