The ‘Street Fighter’ or the ‘Martial Artist’ – YOU Decide!!!

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34 thoughts on “The ‘Street Fighter’ or the ‘Martial Artist’ – YOU Decide!!!

  1. Ricky Reynolds says:

    One of the best explanations in real street, martial art fighting I have heard. My dad, who was a gifted Irish alcoholic street fighter in Chicago, explained a little of this to me when I was young and dumb. Of all the lessons I have learned growing up fighting nearly every week, most of them being teamed up on by two to three punks. What I found is that most people who start fights fight basically the same way. But as you have explained, situations, circumstance`s can change. I can`t count the the times the bullies had someone sneak from my back side as the leader and his right man kept my attention. I soon learned to use my ears and maximize my vision to think about the situation. Soon I was able to defeat all of them but only if the time was right. Most days I went without food and was very weak. Other days I may of had my mind on my father beating the crap out of my mother after she tried to stab him. At any case, there are so many differentials that can have an impact on how well you fight or even survive. Martial arts, kajukenbo, has given me that. I believe any form of martial art is a blessing and a little goes a long way. But we are constantly learning and developing. I also believe the principles in this video are a major key to developing into a higher level of understanding. With world war three around the corner, we must learn and develop as much as we possibly can so when the time comes when we are most weak, with the skills we have acquired, it may be the deciding factor whether we live or die.

  2. Willem Els says:

    Great advice! Something is always better than nothing. I practice taichi, including weapons, and have recently had the opportunity to learn a wing chun kata. Had a brawler at the bar this weekend and when he got to me I found that the moves from wing chun coming to play instinctively. A block, wrist lock, another block to the blow from his left and a forceful shove was all that was needed. I have had to defend myself from a knife attack before and it is also your own confidence that unsettles the attackers.

  3. Comicbookstoreguy177 says:

    Some simulation training can be useful. It definitely has Its place. I prefer sport fighting like Judo or Wrestling, because competition pushes you to improve your techniques and physical ability. Also, how do you want to spend your days? Training realistic situations or hanging out with your team at competitions and building lifelong friendships? A lot of people want to find that one silver bullet that helps you on the street, but really the street is a very chaotic thing.

  4. Thor Badass says:

    Dude. you are correct! You are spot on with your observations! There is no right way or secret manuever! There are just techniques. As a black belt in many styles I can attest there is just kick their fucking ass! Use what you have, always be prepared and expect the unexspected. never think of boundaries when fighting for your life. one must exercise these thoughts daily before the bad situation occurs!

  5. James Arthur says:

    I really like this video, good on you mate.
    I personally train in Taekwondo because I love the style and personally ive always been more successful in the technique and form side of the art anyway, ive had too many people tell me and I quote "Dancing around an opponent using pointless Kata's and patterns" wont work and that it would be foolish to throw high kicks in a street situation.

    But as a martial artist I have the intellect to realise that martial arts are about much much more than just learning to kick someone's head in as violently as possible.
    Furthermore there are almost limitless combinations of what can be done and its all down to you as a person in a given time and place regardless of what you train to react naturally in an effective manner and there are still very few people who understand this and fewer again who understand that the arts are a form of personal progression and self expression beyond simply learning "how to fight".

  6. sindessa orellia says:

    One of the greatest fighters in the world said – A black belt only covers 2 inches of your ass YOU have to cover the rest. that fighter ? Royce Gracie . I saw a dude using Kung Fu snake techniques in a fight every time he hit his Opponent he cut him . strikes where so fast you won't catch his wrist lol. it worked for him. That wouldn't work for me, but I still have to cover my ass . Luckily me and this guy where friends lol. But he had limited ground game, and he knew hardly any knowledge of cover and concealment . I felt even though he had unmatched speed and insane agility , he had no defense at all. This is a great disservice to him .

  7. Orville Story says:

    People probably say "That wouldn't work in real life." because most everyone has a cell phone/camera now days and so far no one has seen footage of someone using those techniques in a real fight. Maybe because it either rarely if not ever happens?!?!?!?!
    Just maybe.

  8. bildad1234 says:

    I like how you referred to your own accountability for being in whatever situation you may find yourself in, wise.
    Myself being an expert in Run-Duck & Hide, have found myself reducing the amount of situations I may have found myself in. 🙂
    It scares me though if some fucksticks who've seen a few Steven Seagal movies, should happen to learn a small portion of what you know and go looking for shit.
    Good vid!

  9. 1507Lachlan says:

    I'd have to add to any guys doubting your awareness or ability. I worked in a team of doormen in a nightclub. I'm only 13 stone, I've pinned 18 stone body builders who had went as white as a sheet. They don't know what to do or what your mind set is if you keep eye contact with them and don't back down. As for guys with knives, as soon as I see them being hostile aggressive or not looking right in any way near me and a hand goes behind them in their jacket even in a pocket they are going down period!! I'd rather be wrong and have to explain than let anyone pull a knife and have to disarm them. There is no point taking a risk and fighting. If they approach me with a knife in hand I'm taking their legs away first. Not everyone with a knife trains the way we do. I know a doorman who I trained in kick boxing with. He had been told by a guy he would be back. The guy come back and started acting up, when he put his hand in his jacket and pulled out fast Jim broke his arm by banging his elbow towards and his wrist away from him. Turned out the guy had pulled a handgun. Never ever let the situation dictate your reaction, your reaction should dictate the outcome. Your health or a mistake your choice. Personally I'd rather be wrong than stabbed!

  10. karasrealm says:

    you have earn a great respect, many people and friends have ask me if i can beat anyone up because i know a form of martial arts and its very difficult to make them understand its not the same applying martial arts to real life situations.

  11. HumanDrillBit says:

    Excellent video response to the Facebook message you received from the alleged Inosanto student. Respect to you, sir. I'm in Bangkok, Thailand. When I lived in Los Angeles, I trained at the Dan Inosanto Martial Arts Academy. Studied Jeet Kune Do (JKD) under Yori Nakamura. I was at 2nd level (3 levels) and going to 3rd before I moved to Thailand permanently. I concur with your assessment that no true martial artist would question you or techniques. As Bruce Lee teachings tell us, “Martial arts, like any art, is an unrestricted athletic expression of an individual soul.” Be well, and continued success to you!

  12. Richard Melvin says:

    Your either proactive or reactive there are no forms when shit goes down. Best to watch every ones ideas and see which ones fit in your tool box. That being said every tool is adjustable. Nice video.

  13. Dave Allum says:

    A nice way of putting it, especially the everyone is an "expert and a critic nowadays" haha ain't that the truth . I found personally Ive had to join another martial arts class just to fulfil what I want

  14. Dan says:

    A brilliant video and something as a Bujinkan practitioner (with a kickboxing and Wing chun background) that I definitely need to remember, I liked your explaination of when to use techniques, I've always thought of them as just different tools in a toolbox to apply when necassary, and I still visit my kickboxing club once a month and spar all night just to help me remember to keep things real, anyway, subscribed.

  15. woodenhead48 says:

    Well explained mate , all true, body type, aggression , fear control natural responses.  So many parameters. If you can withstand the king hit or ground take down that comes out of blue your lucky.  First rule of self defense "Don't be there" Don't walk down that dark alley at 3am pissed. And practice what works for you, best advice ever.

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