The Spyderco Ronin II — A Fixed Blade MADE for Carry!

On this episode of GPO, we’ll respond to a viewer’s question asking about a solid option for daily carry featuring a fixed blade. GPO’s recommendation?

6 thoughts on “The Spyderco Ronin II — A Fixed Blade MADE for Carry!

  1. Andre Chandon says:

    The Ronin 2 is awesome. Its what I edc in urban areas. Full tang, small, light, sharp, easy to carry. The Ronin 2 is just ok for edc tasks, but will get the job done. Where Ronin 2 excels, is as a self defense blade – and a box cutter 😉

  2. Roy Fernbach says:

    Really a great looking blade. Have wanted one since they first showed it.
    That box is HUGE for the size of the blade/sheath.
    Glad they used CTS-BD1. Decent price. Handle scales are a bit thin, but that is part of it's design.
    Thanks for the review & video.

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