The Rugby Pod Episode 18 – Concussion, Dementia & World Cup Deja Vu



We react to the news of a familiar looking pool draw for the 2023 World Cup and round up the opening round of Champions Cup action, while Big Jim opens up …

16 thoughts on “The Rugby Pod Episode 18 – Concussion, Dementia & World Cup Deja Vu

  1. graham Riley says:

    The question is: what did the rugby administrators / authorities / clubs know about concussion and when did they know it? From that point on if players were not looked after to the best medical standards the authorities do not have a leg to stand on. Where are the doctors and medics and physios in all of this? What did they know? What advice did they give? How are they required to keep up to date with medical issues for player safety? Players playing on through there choice is just plain silly after injuries which may affect judgement. If Steve Thompson cannot remember the games he played in every judgement he made at the time is called into question in regard to his own welfare.

  2. Micheal Prosser says:

    Completely agree with Jim's comments and fair play to Jim and Goodey for your honesty. My sympathies are with Thompson and the guys but I think the point the legal guy made about a moral duty and a legal case is a valid one.I hope rugby continues to improve it's safety measures and looks after guys like Thompson but whether the RFU or World Rugby is legally responsible is a different matter.

  3. A R says:

    I agree with Jim 100% on this. Unless there was clear negligence there is no case. I am days away from losing my nan to dementia so by no means take this lightly

  4. Michael Cruz says:

    The barrister was an excellent addition to this discussion! Thank you. Yes Jim, there are too many games. Just think NFL is 16 regular season games, 4 preseason. Most college am. football is a 10-12 game season. Most high school am. football 8-10. Rugby has too many games!

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