THE RISE OF ANGMAR Battle Report | Dol Amroth Painting | Battle Games in Middle Earth



The Knights of Dol Amroth and the Rangers of the North find themselves ambushed by a spooky host! For all your terrain supplies and commission gaming …

15 thoughts on “THE RISE OF ANGMAR Battle Report | Dol Amroth Painting | Battle Games in Middle Earth

  1. Dominus Sphinx says:

    i definitely want to see revenants and spectres in the angmar book when it gets released, one change id want though is giving the spectres the option to take a shield, just defense 4 isnt the nicest and id definitely replace my front rant orcs with spectres if they could go up to defense 5, can keep that the revenant makes ones without shields, wouldnt mind if the revenant got f4 as well just to make them a bit more combat powerful, but idk if that would mess with balance,

  2. Corban Caldwell says:

    as a noob im hoping someone can help me with a question. every soldier has an equipment list. does this mean they have every weapon available at all times? for example riders of Rohan have swords, axes, bows and shields. so if the model itself is holding a sword does that mean it can use a sword 1 turn, and axe another and the bow another? or does it only have access to the weapon the model is holding? in which case what happens to the riders holding throwing spears? do i choose whether they have a sword or axe at the game start in case they use their 1 time throwing spear? and also what if i want my archers to switch to melee, do i choose their melee weapon at game start too? and what happens with models that have equipment on them (shields) when it says they dont use shields?

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