The Ridiculously FRESH EDC Knives and Tools by Vero Engineering



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20 thoughts on “The Ridiculously FRESH EDC Knives and Tools by Vero Engineering

  1. Anthony Reeder says:

    Question? What is a good Good alternative to the Civivi Elementium? I like the super clean lines that it has and because they are so hard to get I wondered what is something close to it?

  2. Joseph A says:

    It’s a very awesome pry tool. However, I have been into knives for the past 5 years. In 5 years, I’ve never had to adjust a screw while I’m not home

  3. revolucionar says:

    Hey man, love what you're doing here. I wanted to join the discord server, but it says "The invite is invalid or expired". I'm new to Discord so don't know exactly what's wrong. Maybe because I'm from Croatia (Europe)…? Anyway, if anyone can give me a hand, it would be much appreciated 🙂

  4. ScalpingYour TP says:

    That is a great design for the pry tool but $85 I'll carry a screwdriver with a hollow handle if it was $15 then it make sense but that is ridiculous it cost more then most knives I use an one is super steel maybe I'm a old mechanic but the price of this stuff is crazy pocket jewelry then I'm scared to lose it or use it because it get scratched I get the uses for pry bars but they are crazy that's just my poor mans opinion I carry that one pry bar screwdriver small wrench scraper a sandie side I use it all the time $2 even cheaper sometimes love it FIXR is the one I use for a lot of things that happen when you are not close to or you don't feel like walking but $85 is crazy if he made them cheap he'd probably make a fortune

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