The REAL Wurm Online tutorial?



This is specifically designed to be a tutorial for NEW players to Wurm Online! With the new release on Steam, I’ve seen a major need for a new player guide for …

26 thoughts on “The REAL Wurm Online tutorial?

  1. Stuneree says:

    I had to quit the game literally right after the tutorial. As the tutorial went on, my character got slower and slower, and by the end of it, he was walking at 2km/h. I unequipped my armour and everything. Anyone know why this is? My climbing is off. Everyone else around me was running at a regular speed

  2. QualeQualeson says:

    I went through the tutorial yesterday and even so, there were aspects here that the game didn't really explain so thanks for making this.
    Still have a bunch of questions though, primarily what's to be expected and how to plan things. I have no shortage of ideas, but basically no clue as to what is feasible or even possible, and in what order I should do things to make some headway. Coincidentally I started in the same place as you show here and I proceeded to sort of bumble into the forest to the south where I've been busy reading on the wurmpedia about everything I see. I have no real concept of how I am supposed to survive, if there is danger around me, what I might need that I don't really have and if so, where I could get it and so on and so forth. As this started to sink in, I decided to log out and search for some information sources before I do anything else. Maybe I can actually formulate a practical plan at some point 🙂

  3. Savage fox says:

    two things to add for new players watching this video you no longer gain skills in the tutorial and when you first start out you can use and NPC bartender you want to use them as soon as possible you can only use them for the first 24 hours but they'll restore your food and water and they'll sit your nutrition to 50 nutrition affects your skill leveling rate

    when you find somebody is good at cooking you can raise your nutrition above 50 the first 24 hours I don't recommend eating your own cooking but I do recommend working on it an eating raw food is always a bad idea

  4. Get Wild says:

    While I enjoy Gamester4life and FactionalFight in the background while playing, this type of format was what I was originally in search of when I first started Wurm. You come off as professional and the preperation going into your videos shows. Hope Code Club AB is taking notes…. /sigh

  5. its Twiggie says:

    Well dang, you've just made me tempted to start up this game for the first time. I've been watching your Wurm streams and the whole design of the game has felt very chaotic and overwhelming to me to the point where I don't really know what's happening, so it's nice to get an overview over what everything is!

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