The Peter Rassenti Druid Custom Knife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review



The Peter Rassenti Druid is a very nice, very integral, and very expensive custom knife. Although it’s a silly choice if you just need a knife to cut things, it’s art, …

29 thoughts on “The Peter Rassenti Druid Custom Knife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

  1. valebliz says:

    Zirconium scratch easily? No man. Zirconium is a ceramic, not a metal, and belongs to one of the hardest materials family in existence. Maybe you can scratch easily the oxidation, but definitely not the zirconium itself.

  2. TacRatt60 says:

    I’ll pay the price for a Hinderer or CR but 1300! I can buy a Daniel Defense AR-15 for that! Lol, I get it though if that’s your thing. I would be a nervous wreck carrying that blade lol. I try to keep my EDC knives at or under 200 dollars!

  3. Michael C. says:

    $1300?! I'll admit it's worth it, but for that value I would keep it in a constant Argon atmosphere in a dark temperature controlled room to prevent expanding and corrosion.

  4. FATshadow says:

    I had to come back and watch again. I love the design of this knife. Luckily I won't have to worry about its drawbacks because as sick as I am, I just can't do $1,300.

  5. Joe Blazer says:

    Damn. Thats H&K fanboy level price extortion.. sr 11 is less than 4 bills, probably just as well built, and free of lazy finishing practices.. you currently have to jump the american market and buy them right out of italy, but still..

  6. Drerr Aj74 says:

    lol speaking about over priced knifes lmao titanium is like 45 bucks a kilo so you got screwed just like the knife box crap thingy… comes to the same point because that knife is not worth 1300 bucks for sure ,anyone who thinks that is does is fucking stupid and the company got you exactly where they want you to have..

  7. flor van soeki says:

    ugh… please, enough with the lockbar inserts… It's okay for a low quality framelock. A good framelock does not need an insert. I edc'd an XM-18 for 2 years straight (literaly, it was my only knife) no issues whatsoever. If your lock geometry is good you do not need inserts. Ask Brad Southard about it, he'll be able to give you all the details!

  8. Stoney Lonsome says:

    Man- this is totally off topic and out of context but- had to tell someone who would appreciate it- I just scored a Kizer Kesmec full Ti version- the tiger striped model-= for 80 bucks shipped. That's a 150+ dollar knife- and it's like new. It's used so I know it's not a lemon- unless the guy is scamming me, which i don't think is the case- according to him the action and so forth is like a midtech and there are no issues with the knife at all. He just found a custom Halo IV and he's shittin his pants to get it- so he's moving a few blades at obscene prices so they'll go fast enough he can get it before it's gone. I would give you his eBay name but this was the last knife he was selling so- wouldn't matter. I missed out on some good deals to- he sold several before I found him- a PM2 in s110V for 80 bucks, never used or sharpened. A Benchmade 940-1 for a 100 bucks- only light use, no visible wear or damage. Get this- a CRK Sebenza 21 only light use, no visible damage or wear- 225 bucks. He swears they are all authentic and in great shape to. But hey- I got the Kesmec so- I'm happy. That said- I've got to stop man- I'm on a 2 month buying spree and just can't stop. It started with a Real Steel flipper- just a,little 40 dollar value job but then it was the Excalibur 1, the Spyderco dragonfly, a Sanrenmu 910+, the CRKT Homefront, The Rat ! in D2, and now the Kesmec. Oh- and the Spyderco polestar and the new Efficient. jesus- that's like 9 knives in two month. This is madness- where does it end?

  9. carhead says:

    Nick Nick Nick. I have been trying to figure out how to word this. I'll boil it down. if this exact knife was $30 dollars you would not like it. just my opinion.

  10. Malcolm T says:

    Would never buy it, would love to have it.

    'Tis the curse of being in a position to know about custom but only afford production. Seriously though, someone needs to pick up the Druid design. Stick a backspacer on it, go cheaper on the finish and hardware, stick s110 or m390 on it, and call it a $300 masterpiece

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