The Origin of The DART Knife, 599 Karambit, Doug Marcaida & The Ultimate Knife

How did Doug Marcaida suddenly appear on Funker Tactical? Who is responsible for the DART knife and FOX 599 Karambit? What’s next on the horizon?

45 thoughts on “The Origin of The DART Knife, 599 Karambit, Doug Marcaida & The Ultimate Knife

  1. Jeff Gothro says:

    Im buying it, I owns cheap tac-forcs karambit, its decent as a cheap liquor store folder, but its fucking awkward and doesn't fit my hand good, deployment is slow, I'm willing to pay top dollar for quicker deployment and better grip. I'm homeless with an income, I encounter violence daliy, I need a better knife.

  2. Fria Gram says:

    Best way to avoid problems is to not purchase this product. Fox has a poor warranty service and quality is not as great ad it could be. I purchased a 599 and the clip, pivot, and screws are quite poorly done, all using low quality steel that is jot properly heat treated. Machining and overall finish is not the best. Go with emmerson or spyderco instead.

  3. Freeman Longhunter says:

    I ordered a 599 Karambit and honestly it's the single most comfortable defensive folder I have ever carried. Both reverse and regular grip. If you have big hands or plan on wearing gloves, go with the 479. Reversible clip for weak side carry with a firearm. N690 cobalt stainless which holds a damn good edge. Definitely a nice piece of mind on that weak side for defending that holstered gun should a take away attempt go down. You guys think the creepers don't study the retention systems on all your duty rigs, I can tell you, they know them all. Safariland level 3, 5.11 Thumb, Blackhawk serpa, you name it. Training that left hand to deploy that karambit and strike while that right hand fights to retain that firearm is a game changer. Highly recommend the Fox line. High quality stuff.

  4. Sk0lzkiy says:

    Got an offtop question – those necklaces Mandiola and Doug Marcaida wear… Does this type of necklace have any specific name? I'd love to get myself one, fits my bracelet :v

  5. Buddy - says:

    Not impressed with a company that rips you off on shipping, they won't let others sell their products and then charge 20 bucks for shipping when it cost them 7 bucks, it they are unethical in this area not sure I trust their product either..

    Also on their reviews on their website they won't post negative reviews, all reviews have to be approved before posting, another clue that they are shady..

  6. Funker Tactical - Fight Training Videos says:

    There was a comment thread that I chose to delete. It was between a customer and the distributor. The nature of the conversation got heated and abusive and DO NOT belong here. For customer related concerns with the Ultimate Knife (distributor) I was asked to forward the following avenue: http://www.TheUltimateKnife.Com/contact-us ——–any further commentary in any abusive or derogatory manner from the participants of said thread will result in being banned from this channel. While it is generally our policy not to censor commentary, we will do so from time to time if deemed appropriate. Thank you for your understanding. -GN

  7. silverbullet4747 says:

    2 questions: all the wave-opening karambit demo videos I've seen seem to feature combatants with long sleeved hoodies/sweaters, which give a lot of clothing to snag and open the blade on mid-fight. Outside of the draw from your pocket, what opening options do you have when wearing or engaging someone with less clothing (t shirts, shorts, etc)? For example, can the wave reliably snag/deploy on bare skin or short sleeves? Secondly, even though folding karambits are single edged, I still see that extended grip flailing strike. How effective is that as a purely impact based attack when the knife is supposedly so lightweight? I've been interested in these knives for a while and finally decided to buy a pair, I want to educate myself as much as possible before they arrive in the mail.

  8. mental jake says:

    i have to say I really like all of the actual knife fighting and, defensive videos but, sadly I can't justify spending $150 on that small of a knife. I do enjoy applying what is taught to my Cold Steel XL Voyager 😀

  9. SpesWales says:

    i wish that the karambit didn't have the liner lock, that it should have a back lock instead, on my 478 model, there is blade play where it feels like it going to close on my hand

  10. Kevin Lewis says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I had Emerson Knives custom made with Karambit handle and the tanto or commander blade $300 each. I appreciate that the fit is better and the wave is more aggressive, knife is lighter and less expensive. I have purchased two and the trainer and recommended it to many others.

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