The Ontario RAT 1 Pocketknife in D2 Steel: The Full Nick Shabazz Review



The Ontario RAT 1 is a stellar EDC knife, with a solid steel, solid construction, solid ergos, and an incredible price of $40. Yeah, it’s got a bit of bad, but there’s no …

44 thoughts on “The Ontario RAT 1 Pocketknife in D2 Steel: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

  1. Tony says:

    Yeah Im betting this guy doesnt really speak this way. In either case if he's trying to sound annoying……he succeeded masterfully

  2. Gary Cooper says:

    Legal to carry? Brother, I live in Texas. It’s now legal here to carry swords, daggers, switchblades, and kukris, not to mention machine guns. Also, a few years ago our legislature voted to give free hunting licenses to blind people. Seriously.

  3. The Savages says:

    G10 grips, made in Taiwan, D2 steel. Specs rivaling knives in $80-100 range and beating most of them. For $35. Looks like I found a winner. Gotta pick up the 1 & 2 now. I was looking and looking and made my way into the $140-180 price range lol. No thanks for a knife. All my extra money goes to my guns.

  4. bully arena says:

    How about a thrifty thursday knife Nick…The d2 rat 1 used to be my go to budget edc knife…untill i met the Byrd Raven 2 in BD1. Sure chinese made, but give it a chance. You might be surprised.

  5. Coy Leigh says:

    D2 steel certainly has it's pros, but for a salt water environment or an acidic environment, AUS8 is a far superior steel. The lower carbon content certainly drops the hardness, but it reflects it's stainless capabilities incredibly well.

  6. Gigmaster says:

    RAT 1 is OK, but I still prefer my Cold Steel Finn Wolf. I have both, but I usually carry my Finn Wolf. It is much sharper due to the Scandi grind. It's pretty much a folding Mora.

  7. Larry Jackson says:

    You should have a link to this knife. I'll be getting this because of your review plus avoid the carbon fiber due to the Rat II review (D2). Love your reviews especially the one on bias. Very funny.

  8. drameday says:

    I’ve been collecting knives since the early 90s. I have close to a metric shit ton of knives. But ever since I got the Rat 2 in D2 it’s been one of my most used and abused knives. Such a tough well designed knife. Not pretty, but very much a great tool.

  9. assoverteakettle says:

    I think there's a bit too much fuss made of steels. There was a time when AUS 8, ATS 34, 153CM, and 440C were considered damn good and more than good enough.

    Now people talk about them like cheap crap steel and they're not. They're good steels for daily use.

    Yes, there are harder and more exotic steels and metallurgy has a new wonder steel coming out all the time and that's a good thing.

    But for the average person do you really need a "wonder steel" for your blade? Consider there is always a trade off between hard tool steels, like D2, and ease of sharpening.

    I have, or have owned exotic steel knives. I even used to have an old REKAT SIFU (any old timers remember those?) in D2, but my a cheap Morakniv fixed blade with Sandvik stainless is what I use for cutting up corrugated cardboard for the recycling bin and it works fine and easy to quickly sharpen on an angle sharpener.

    I'm not detracting people from buying exotic blades because as a serious collector you sometimes want the best money can buy. But there are other qualities to a knife that make them more important than some exotic steel they use IMO. blade profile, ergonomics, overall design, etc.

    For the average person who just needs one or two sport knives for EDC and have no interest in spending over $100 for a sport knife I highly recommend AUS 8 or even a properly heat treated 440C.

  10. Truth Seeker ツ says:

    the knife i saw in my dream was so fucking orgasm worthy, i cant even comprehend how my mind created such a beautiful piece of art. if only i had drawing skills…..i could sell the design! 🙁

    Also , am i the only one that hates the jimping on the framelock on the Rat ? it digs into my thumb, i find myself closing it two handed alot, which is something i dont even do with assisted open knives lol
    even two hands, just pushing the framelock is anyway isnt comfortable.
    just a minor complaint, over all the knife is superb for the price.
    perhaps i could lightly modify the jimping, hmmm

  11. Jeffrey Baird says:

    I have been considering getting this knife to take on campouts and hiking and now that I know it’s it D2 im positive I’m getting a great knife for an amazing value, I’ve herd sum good things about this knife but I’ve never gotten a full review. Thanks nick

  12. Lee Barker says:

    I just bought one and it is all of what people say, a quality budget friendly folder like this in D2 why would you pay 700 bucks for a knife in my opinion for a mass produced product, I would pay that for custom made folder or fixed made to my specs however.Great review Nick thank you!

  13. Joshua Hill says:

    I'm a knife guy. I buy expensive and cheap and they all see pocket time. I'm buying a new knife very soon (on the cheaper end) to add to my collection and use and carry. I'm torn between Buck Vantage, Rat 1, or Kershaw Skyline. What say you folks?

  14. Dale Carpenter says:

    The rats I just got 1 &2 finally got 2 American knife co knives that weren't cull in the box ! Got the rat 2 in d2 . I call her r2d2 ! Got the aus 8 rat 1 infantry blue and it was good . Its larger and has more belly in the blade than the 727 rat fink as its called ! Some one said the rat fink had the same blade . Got to get the rat 1 d2 green now !

  15. David Rogers says:

    I purchased two! I love this knife! The older one in AUS8 is still a good knife and reasonable price. I concur regarding differences in steel quality! Great review Sir!

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