The Old and the Bold: Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

Alan Lee, formerly of The Parachute Regiment, discusses the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. This weapon was worn on the leg by British airborne soldiers …

17 thoughts on “The Old and the Bold: Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

  1. schizoidboy says:

    Reminds me of what George Orwell said about hand to hand combat. He fought in the Spanish Civil War and he claimed he only had one incident where there was hand to hand combat to which he wrote "Believe me once is enough."

  2. James Smith says:

    I'm so glad they're preserving these stories for history. So many of these individuals have passed away already. Most did their part and returned to home and family and never spoke of what they did. Many modest about their heroics.

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