The Octagon



Chuck Norris is back in this action-packed martial arts showcase co-starring the legendary Lee Van Cleef. Norris takes on his adoptive brother and a training …

33 thoughts on “The Octagon

  1. Ron B says:

    not one o,f one of, Chuck Norris's better movies, better movies. Very low budget, low budget, and very cheesy fight scenes, fight scenes. The best part of the movie, of the movie, was the cute girls, nice tits, nice tits, and the end of the movie, of the movie.

  2. vinny rico says:

    Oh the greatness of this film may never be realized. The completeness of the art form of film has been accomplished.
    The musical score is so powerful.
    Thank you to all the hundreds of talented people responsible for their part of the art!

  3. kevin durland says:

    I remember when Sensei Yamashita did this movie but I've never seen it, so I guess I'll watch it now. Yamashita is an extraordinary karateka. One of the best though not as well known in outside circles. It was the 70's and 80's and lots of good practitioners wanted to be movie stars. Some more successful than others, but that isn't a reflection on their skill level. Not only was Yamashita a national Karate champion, he was a national motocross champion and a professional baseball player that went blindfolded for a year to hone his other senses. By far, he was the best combat fighter I've ever seen.

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